Thursday, July 22, 2004 - Stephen Hawking revamps black hole theory - Jul 21, 2004 - Stephen Hawking revamps black hole theory - Jul 21, 2004

Now before I appear as though I'm trying to correct or dispute anything Stephen Hawking is saying, let me say that I'm not. I can't even calculate percentages using a calculator. I still can't remember the whole ie, ei before c rule. I misspell inconvenience and definite every time I use the words in writing if there is no spell check. I've forgotten most grammar rules.

With that being said.....
.....and maybe I've been watching too much Farscape. I thought, in a Science Fiction sense, that wormholes were the things that took you to other universes and galaxies. Not blackholes, which are separate entities all together. That wormholes were a "spatial anomaly" that crunched space to get you to another point in the universe/multi-verse faster. Blackholes were always and destructive sucking entity that you went into and were destroyed. The matter of destruction isn't important; whether you are completely destroyed or if "your mass energy will be returned to our universe, but in a mangled form, which contains the information about what you were like, but in an unrecognizable state", YOU were gone. The only thing he's really saying is that your particles aren't obliterated only that they are held in suspension and spat garbled. Burning wood and it turning to ash. Not gone, just different. Why that makes a difference is? It's a scientist thing, I wouldn't understand.

Here's another link to the story: - Hawking changes his mind about black holes

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