Thursday, July 22, 2004

NSS Home Page

NSS Home Page

I was going to participate in this BUT I son't have a sponsor. Not reading enough of the site, I thought that you just hop on to your blog and do your 24 hour thing and some money from somewhere goes to your charity of choice. You have to go around and beg for money from people to sponsor you. I didn't make it on the website's list so if I blog for 24 hours, I'll have fun but it won't have the desired effect of charity. :(

I'll just donate to them myself.

Next year, I'll be prepared. I just found out about it a week ago anyway. Hopefully the official Blogathon site will be back up. They are taking a year off for some reason.

I also added some new buttons today. People can subscribe to my RSS feed! I had fun figuring out how to set that up.

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