Sunday, July 04, 2004

The Dead Zone~ Whiney Women

USA NETWORK | The Dead Zone
This show has managed to cast two of the whiniest women in show business. The only reason that I watched this show in the first place was because of Anthony Michael Hall. I'm an 80's latch key kid. Breakfast Club, yada, yada. Anyway, I am a fan of Anthony Michael Hall because of that sexy portrayal of Bill Gates in Pirates of Silicon Valley. Yes... Bill Gates and sexy is in the same sentence. OK... OK... back to the whiney beeotches. Nicole DeBoer- *sigh* I've despised this woman every sense she had the GALL to accept a role that replace the ever so lovely Terry Farrell on the best Star Trek series Deep Space Nine. As Jadzia Dax, Terry was dynamic, interesting, 3 dimensional, spirited... I can go on. Then came the hobbit- troll- gnome DeBoer as Ezri. She whined from her first scene to her last. She can just stare and it's a whine. Every scene in the Dead Zone, she's whining. THEN as if WHINE PRINCESS wasn't enough, they go and hire WHINE QUEEN Sarah Wynter. I think she had her mouth surgically plastered in that annoying smirk that she has. I first was introduced to this smirk on 24. We had to deal with her an entire season. She smiles, it's that smirk. She cries, it's that smirk. She's suspicious, it's that smirk.
I can hear some loser, jack off mumbling about how hot these hags are. Dude, I can tell you now-- if you watch this show for those two drama nits, it's pretty sad.

Alright, I'm through ranting.

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