Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Earth: Final Conflict: Episode Information: Atavus

Earth: Final Conflict: Episode Information: Atavus


I finally saw these Atavus fit into Earth: Final Conflict. Atavi (Atavuses?) are a primitive ancestor of the Taelon species. Sorta like Neanderthals are to Modern Man.
The Taelons evolved out of this state through a sort of telepathic link called the Commonality. Augur wants to experience the Commonality so he taps into it through his computer using Da'an's frequency. This severs Da'ans connection to the Commonality and he reverts back to a primitive state.

Da'an reverted to Atavus

Mind you, the Atavus I saw looked nothing like this. Not as hideous but glowing claws, 80's hair and a bad modified Khan outfit.
This Taelon/Atavus reversion thing still doesn't explain the lameness of the episode I saw. I guess I'll have to keep watching.
EFC is a pretty good show. I'm on second season.

I also want to find out why William Boone was killed off and this Liam Kincaid was brought in. Probably the ol' "I want to pursue other opportunities" excuse.

I wonder what it is about acting on a science fiction show that taints an actors career. You can make a guest appearance and be fine but if you star in it, it's like you have the Hollywood plague. Sad really.

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