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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Doctor Who: The Teeth Are Back

from SciFi Wire:

Rose Tyler is bringing her arse back to Doctor Who. Honestly, I kinda miss her. I love Martha. I don't think it's fair that they are imposing on Martha's companion-ship with The Doctor but it will be good to see Rose again. With Catherine Tate on board, the doctor is going to have a threesome (foursome?) on his hands. Honestly, the thought of all four of them together sounds like a hilarious ride.

I can't wait to "visit Cardiff" this Christmas.

(Note: I wrote Tardiff at first. LOL!)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: Razor

Bottom Line: I liked Battlestar Galactica: Razor.

I remember when they first introduced Helena Caine, I thought the story was wrapped up too fast. I wanted more. I feel that someone listened. This story was interesting but didn't impose itself with the latest happenings of the current storyline on BSG until the last scene.

Helena Caine... that bitch is fierce. She had the Darth Vader style of management. Too bad because Scott Bacic is one of my favorite actors. It was good to see him in BSG. Maybe he can come back as a cylon or something. Anyhoo... Caine is definitely no Janeway. She's shooting her 2nd in command, authorizing Cylons to be raped, ordering civilians to be executed and their ships to be pillaged. To top it off she awards her lap dog, Kendra Shaw, with a knife.

There were two big reveals in this episode. One was that Adama discovered some cylon hybrid ships. They were the bridge between the toaster cylons and the new model skin jobs. The cylons also had some sort of superweapon. I really didn't care about that though.

The second big reveal is that Starbuck is supposed to be leading the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse; the harbinger of death. They must not follow her.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Numb3rs - Graphic

I haven't watched Numb3rs since Larry went to space. When I heard that Joe Morton, Wil Wheaton and Christopher Lloyd was going to be on the up and coming episode, I had to take some time out to watch it. This episode was about a greedy comic book collecting tycoon (Wil Wheaton) presenting an one- of- a- kind, first and only edition of a comic book drawn by an ailing comic artist (Christopher Lloyd). Wil's character unveiled this comic book at a comic book convention. Of course there were people running around in Star Trek costumes:TOS costumes, TNG uniforms, TOS Klingons, Jedi. Hell, I think I even saw a Bajoran costume. There was even a light saber duel going on. It was a great episode for that alone.

The meat of the story is that when Wil's character unveiled the comic book, some guys came in with guns and stole it. A security guard was murdered which is why they brought Charlie and Don. There were a few back stories going on. Don broke up with his girlfriend and was moping around the office. Colby was looking for a girlfriend and ended up with a acrobat from Cirque Du Soleil. *raises eyebrows* Charlie and his friends and family was being interviewed by Joe Morton's character, a reporter from Vanity Fair. It was funny because when Charlie first saw the Joe Morton character he confused him for a science professor. *Eureka squeal!!!* Charlie wrote a book on math and human relationships. Joe Morton's character was doing a man- behind- the- math story. The best part of this B-story was the quote from Charlie's dad. He said, "Charlie thinks that math is beautiful. I think he just wants to share that with the world."

Ok... back to the geekery. Turns out that the whole stealing of the comic book story was set up by a fellow comic book artist. He didn't think that Wil Wheaton's character should profit from the rarity of the comic book. He believed that the comic book should belong to the original author. He set up the whole theft to present the comic book to the ailing author (Christopher Lloyd's character).
[edit/added]There was some other stuff involved but the book was recovered and given back to the Wil Wheaton character. Fans put pressure on him and he gave the comic book, free of charge, back to the original creator. [Thanks for calling me on that Valor :)]

It was a nice, fun story and reminded me that I need to catch up on Numb3rs.

Note: I'm brain dead because it's the end of the semester. If you want to read a really great recap of this episode, check out one of my favorite recap sites TV Squad. The do a great job.

Also, I ran across a site blog:
...where a professor from Northeastern University's Math department posts mathematical comments on the television show "Numb3rs".
Northeastern University Department of Mathematics

How cool is that?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Writer's Strike Update

from: AOL TV

'Bionic Woman': Production shut down after 9 of 13 episodes completed
'Battlestar Galactica: Production on fourth and final season shut down after 10 of 22 episodes and two-hour movie, 'Razor' completed
'Grey's Anatomy': Production shut down after 11 of 22 episodes completed
'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit': Production shut down after 14 of 22 episodes completed
'Lost': Will have eight of 16 episodes completed, premiere still scheduled for February
'K-Ville': Production shut down after 10 of 13 episodes completed
'24': Production on a seventh season has been postponed after eight episodes; show will not return until all 24 episodes can air uninterrupted
'The Office': On hiatus after cast didn't show up
'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart': On hiatus, airing repeats
'Big Bang Theory': On hiatus
'The Colbert Report': On hiatus, airing repeats
'Heroes': Scripts written until 11th episode, which may serve as a season finale Nov. 3
'Jericho': Entire seven-episode season ready to air

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Roboxotica: Rosie, Get Me a Drink

Ok. It's 7 a.m. I'm scanning Twitter to see what's going on with the people in my circle. I come across an article that says that a Roboxotica convention is going on. Cool! Sex and robots! No. Think again. This convention is about machines making humans alcoholic beverages. There's a whole convention dedicated to this? And Cory Doctorow is speaking at it? Needless to say, I got my morning chuckle from this one. I am SO amused.

Here are pictures from the convention:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm saying it now because I won't be posting tomorrow- unless I get really bored. Happy Thanksgiving.
Every year I try to rack my brain to come up with something that is science fiction and Thanksgiving. The only thing I can ever come up with is the episode of Buffy where she tried to make dinner but was attacked by the spirit of a Native American. Pangs.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Kindle: I'm Not Thinking So

Look at the size of that thing! My hand is cramping from looking at it. The Kindle does not look cool. It looks like the clunky tech from Star Trek: TOS. This hardware is NOT sexy. It looks like a medical device.

You have to pay 99 cents to read a free blog like mine and I get no money from it!!! HELL NO!
There are monthly subscriptions for newspapers from US$9.99 to US$14.99, magazines at US$1.99 and US$2.99, blogs (yes free blogs) for US$0.99 each per month, and Word document and photo email attachment support for US$0.10 each.
NO back light but you can buy a light attachment. *gasp* Somebody was smoking crack on that one. It's $399 with NO touch screen.
The idea was to mimic the experience of reading an actual book as much as possible, Bezos said, though he acknowledged that Amazon "will never outbook the book." Suggested accessories on the Kindle purchase page actually include a clip-on reading lamp.
FAIL! I was excited about it. I wanted to like the Kindle but it's so huge. I don't want another gadget to pack around or I'll be wearing a gadget belt for real.

Plus, I get motion sickness if I read and travel. It's why I love audio books. I won't be spending money on this... evar!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Neil Gaiman is Hot!

I'm thrilled about all of the Neil Gaiman news lately. He has Beowulf, Stardust and now something called Coraline. All of that is cool but I'm dying for a Neverwhere re-make. Live action would be great but I wouldn't mind an animated version of the book. Keep up the awesome work Neil.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Want the 3 Skypephone NOW!

I'm in the market for a new mobile phone. I love the BlackBerry Curve but I'm not satisfied with any of the service plans available. What I'm really looking for is a bit of freedom. It seems like I won't be able to get that freedom because I'm in the US. I'm talking bout the new 3 Skypephone. It's not much to look at. It doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard; something I'm really craving right now. It *does* have Skype which is something that I'm really, REALLY interested in using. I like Skype as a communication service. I like the features such as being able to block callers. I can IM with my friends that use Skype via phone or computer. I'd buy it right this second if they sold it in the US. From the looks of it, there are no plans to sell it in the United States. I'm pretty pissed about this. Get it together Skype, get us those phones now!

I was seriously considering buying the phone and trying to mod it. I don't the first thing about that so I guess I'll have to wait until Skype gets off their cute bums and get this service in the US.

Skype's info on the phone
Official 3 Skypephone website

Bionic Woman: Antonio Kicks the Bucket

My Bionic Woman review is up on Tubular.

Crystals, Hippies and Journeyman. Oh My!

My Journeyman review is up on Tubular.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Project Runway Wednesday

Sometimes science fiction takes a back seat. Today is one of those days. Today is all about fabulous fashion. TODAY is the season premiere of Project Runway. I'm screaming at the TV like I'm watching the superbowl. It's crazy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back From Seeing Star Trek in the Theater

I'm fresh out of the theater from seeing Star Trek: The Menagerie. I was really excited to see the episode on the big screen. It was the re-mastered version and it looked amazing. The scenes that really stood out were the space scenes; the stars are now in 3D. The ship looks 100% better. The ship is totally CGI now (I think). There was one major scene that was re-done. It was an overhead Enterprise shot of the crew. It was phenomenal and worth the ticket price alone.

As far as the audience, there was only one guy in a partial uniform. I had on Star Trek earrings but you had to really be in my face and know the logo to tell. I didn't really see anyone in Star Trek t-shirts. To my surprise, I didn't see any of the usual Trekkies out either. The theater was packed and the audience was responsive. We even applauded at the end.

I went to the Houston showing at Studio 30.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

News Niblets: Nov. 11, 2007

---Winona Ryder is Spock's mom in the new Star Trek movie. Now they're just letting anyone on this film. I kid, I kid. Wow! They are really making a big deal out of this film. I'm impressed.
On another note, I've already bought my tickets for The Menagerie on Tuesday. I don't think they'll be a line but I'm take off of work early just to ease my mind.

---African fantasy. Awesome! I wonder what that is like? Would be cool to see a movie.
SF and fantasy author Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu told SCI FI Wire that her latest novel, The Shadow Speaker, is what she likes to call "African fantasy with elements of science fiction."
---Klaatu barada nikto. Jennifer Connelly has joined the cast of the The Day the Earth Stood Still re-make. YAY! Keanu Reeves is still in it. (crickets)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Writer's Strike Back

Yes. I know. An incredibly lame headline.

When I first heard that there was going to be a writer's strike. I didn't pay it much attention. Seems like they've done this before and it's was smoothed over then forgotten. I don't recall a strike where shows we shut down and episodes not delivered. I didn't realize that writers had so much power. WOW! I respect what they are doing. At least they are not suing the viewers.

The LA Times has a great quick and dirty list of the shows affected. Bionic Woman isn't on this list, neither is Flash Gordon.

Here is some cutting and pasting from the LA Times as it relates to the science fiction genre:
"Lost"- Expected to have eight out of 16 episodes ready. Midseason, none have aired yet.
"CSI"- Will have 11 or 12 out of 22 episodes completed.
"CSI: Miami"- Will have 13 out of 24 episodes completed.
"CSI: NY"- Will have 13 or 14 out of 22 episodes completed.
"Criminal Minds"- Will have 11 or 12 of 22 episodes completed.
"Numb3rs"- Will have 12 of 22.
"Moonlight"- Expected to have 11 out of 12 episodes completed; has not received an order for a full season.
"Jericho"- Will have seven of seven episodes. (The fans fought so hard for it to return only for the show to be held up by a strike.)
"Medium"- Will have nine of 22 episodes completed.
"Journeyman"- Will have 12 of 13 episodes; has not yet received an order for a full season. (NO FINALE?!? That's just cruel)
"Smallville"- Will have 12 to 14 of 22 episodes.
"Supernatural"- Has 12 to 14 episodes completed; Those shows also have roughly five scripts that are ready to shoot.
"Beauty and the Geek"- Has six remaining for the fall season and a 10-episode run for early next year.
(I've never watched this!)
"24"- Will have eight or nine out of 24 episodes completed. Originally scheduled for January, now premiere is delayed.
"Stargate Atlantis"- Expected to go on as scheduled.
"Battlestar Galactica"- Has 10 hours of episodes, plus a two hour movie to air this Fall.
"Eureka"- Will be affected. (Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This is a nightmare. It's not the end of the world but I wonder when this will be over.

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Direct to DVD: White Noise 2

Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff are starring in White Noise 2? ...and it's going be released direct- to- DVD? I love both of those actors but when I hear direct to DVD, I think suck. I don't think that I've ever went out and got a direct- to- DVD movie before. I've seen them on the SciFi Channel but that's it. Since I'm yapping my jaws about it here, I must admit that the movie has peeked my curiosity. I guess the real question is, was the first White Noise any good?

From IMDB:
A man's family is killed and he is brought back from the verge of death, he then realises he can identify people who are about to die.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Time Magazine Says iPhone is Invention of the Year

Ok. Dammit. I'm SICK of the iPhone.

Invention of the year? Seriously? I'm sure there are other inventions that are more meaningful to human existence than the iPhone. It's a very good device but enough is enough.

I *am* interested in the Google phone but not if it's touch screen.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Whedon Is Fox's Whipping Boy Again

After Firefly, how could you man?

The new show is called Dollhouse and FOX has ordered seven episodes. I'm glad to know this now. There is no guarantee of anything after the seven episodes and I can live with that. Roughly, it's Dark City meets Paycheck meets 007. People are programmed to go on missions and at the end of the day their memories are wiped clean. Eliza Dushku plays an agent who is becoming aware that something is going on. An interesting note is that she will also be a producer on this show. How cool is that?

Whedon doesn't disappoint so I'm looking forward to this project.

New Knight Rider Gets a RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Flash Gordon: ehhh...
New Speed Racer: yawn...
New Knight Rider: GIRLIE SQUEAL!!!

If Justin Bruening opens his mouth and sounds like Hayden Christensen, I'm going to shoot someone. (Not really) The new show will not be a re-make but a continuation; Knight Rider: The Next Generation if you will. According to the SciFi Wire, Justin "Hawt buns" Bruening will be the son of Knight Rider.
NBC is behind this. I think I'm beginning to have a network crush on NBC.

Heroes Origins Flops. Do You Care?

SciFi Wire reports that Heroes: Origins will be shelved due to a writer's strike. Slice of SciFi reports that the current Heroes season maybe be ending early because of the same writer's strike. Is the number one science fiction show in real trouble or is this just standard stuff that will blow over? Production has just stopped on Origins. The strike has interfered so much that they are talking about shooting an alternate ending. How does this work? If an alternate ending is needed, doesn't someone have to write it? Being from Texas, I don't really get unions. If you don't go to work, they just hire new people... to work for less.

X-Files 2 Update: They Aren't Yanking Our Chain?

SciFi Wire reports that X-Files two is officially in production. They even have a release date of July 25, 2008! They got the original band back together; Duchovny, Anderson and Crazy Chris Carter. It's been so long since X-Files did anything that I'm still not that excited. I don't know what they could possibly do to reignite a worldwide interest in this movie. This is coming from a person who used to alter my work schedule so that I could be home on Friday nights to watch this show every week. I have X-Files action figures, comic books, trading cards, magazines and tons of other stuff. If I'm not excited, who will be?