Monday, November 19, 2007

Kindle: I'm Not Thinking So

Look at the size of that thing! My hand is cramping from looking at it. The Kindle does not look cool. It looks like the clunky tech from Star Trek: TOS. This hardware is NOT sexy. It looks like a medical device.

You have to pay 99 cents to read a free blog like mine and I get no money from it!!! HELL NO!
There are monthly subscriptions for newspapers from US$9.99 to US$14.99, magazines at US$1.99 and US$2.99, blogs (yes free blogs) for US$0.99 each per month, and Word document and photo email attachment support for US$0.10 each.
NO back light but you can buy a light attachment. *gasp* Somebody was smoking crack on that one. It's $399 with NO touch screen.
The idea was to mimic the experience of reading an actual book as much as possible, Bezos said, though he acknowledged that Amazon "will never outbook the book." Suggested accessories on the Kindle purchase page actually include a clip-on reading lamp.
FAIL! I was excited about it. I wanted to like the Kindle but it's so huge. I don't want another gadget to pack around or I'll be wearing a gadget belt for real.

Plus, I get motion sickness if I read and travel. It's why I love audio books. I won't be spending money on this... evar!!!

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scifirantergirl said...

I actually had a dream about this piece of hardware. It was about my grandparents wanting a Kindle. They were really into it too. They aren't in real life but maybe I was too hard on the Kindle. It isn't for me but maybe for the older generation? I talked to a "book reader" (a person not a gadget) and he said that it is the perfect size to replace a book- imagine a paperback.

I think I was angry because I wanted the Kindle to be more than it is. I'm in the market for a cell phone and I'm frustrated that I can't find what I want. I didn't mean to take it out on the poor Kindle.