Monday, November 26, 2007

Numb3rs - Graphic

I haven't watched Numb3rs since Larry went to space. When I heard that Joe Morton, Wil Wheaton and Christopher Lloyd was going to be on the up and coming episode, I had to take some time out to watch it. This episode was about a greedy comic book collecting tycoon (Wil Wheaton) presenting an one- of- a- kind, first and only edition of a comic book drawn by an ailing comic artist (Christopher Lloyd). Wil's character unveiled this comic book at a comic book convention. Of course there were people running around in Star Trek costumes:TOS costumes, TNG uniforms, TOS Klingons, Jedi. Hell, I think I even saw a Bajoran costume. There was even a light saber duel going on. It was a great episode for that alone.

The meat of the story is that when Wil's character unveiled the comic book, some guys came in with guns and stole it. A security guard was murdered which is why they brought Charlie and Don. There were a few back stories going on. Don broke up with his girlfriend and was moping around the office. Colby was looking for a girlfriend and ended up with a acrobat from Cirque Du Soleil. *raises eyebrows* Charlie and his friends and family was being interviewed by Joe Morton's character, a reporter from Vanity Fair. It was funny because when Charlie first saw the Joe Morton character he confused him for a science professor. *Eureka squeal!!!* Charlie wrote a book on math and human relationships. Joe Morton's character was doing a man- behind- the- math story. The best part of this B-story was the quote from Charlie's dad. He said, "Charlie thinks that math is beautiful. I think he just wants to share that with the world."

Ok... back to the geekery. Turns out that the whole stealing of the comic book story was set up by a fellow comic book artist. He didn't think that Wil Wheaton's character should profit from the rarity of the comic book. He believed that the comic book should belong to the original author. He set up the whole theft to present the comic book to the ailing author (Christopher Lloyd's character).
[edit/added]There was some other stuff involved but the book was recovered and given back to the Wil Wheaton character. Fans put pressure on him and he gave the comic book, free of charge, back to the original creator. [Thanks for calling me on that Valor :)]

It was a nice, fun story and reminded me that I need to catch up on Numb3rs.

Note: I'm brain dead because it's the end of the semester. If you want to read a really great recap of this episode, check out one of my favorite recap sites TV Squad. The do a great job.

Also, I ran across a site blog:
...where a professor from Northeastern University's Math department posts mathematical comments on the television show "Numb3rs".
Northeastern University Department of Mathematics

How cool is that?


Will said...

So did the Wil Wheaton character
share the proceeds with the Chris Lloyd character ? Happy ending ?

scifirantergirl said...

Sorry dude, I wrote this half asleep. I've been doing that a lot lately.

Rains said...

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