Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back From Seeing Star Trek in the Theater

I'm fresh out of the theater from seeing Star Trek: The Menagerie. I was really excited to see the episode on the big screen. It was the re-mastered version and it looked amazing. The scenes that really stood out were the space scenes; the stars are now in 3D. The ship looks 100% better. The ship is totally CGI now (I think). There was one major scene that was re-done. It was an overhead Enterprise shot of the crew. It was phenomenal and worth the ticket price alone.

As far as the audience, there was only one guy in a partial uniform. I had on Star Trek earrings but you had to really be in my face and know the logo to tell. I didn't really see anyone in Star Trek t-shirts. To my surprise, I didn't see any of the usual Trekkies out either. The theater was packed and the audience was responsive. We even applauded at the end.

I went to the Houston showing at Studio 30.


Unknown said...

I was at my theater last night for the showing. Smelled like geek spirit. But nobody dressed up or wore t-shirts (I didn't even to think to wear mine, although 7 of 9 really wouldn't have fit anyway).

I just wasn't expecting the sticker shock of it!

sg1fanatic said...

Where did u get a 7 of 9 t shirt??

I am so going to get one. Voyager rocks

scifirantergirl said...

Oh wow! I just looked at my receipt. I didn't realize that I paid $17 for a ticket. I guess I was so excited that I didn't pay attention. Way to get money out of me Star Trek! LOL!