Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fan Pictures at the Star Trek Con in Vegas

I found some wonderful pics from a person who went to the 40th Anniversay of Star Trek in Las Vegas. Thanks for sharing Krissandra!

Vegas Vacation in Pictures

"My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas"

[begin snark]

... or Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Pluto. I learned the "Pizza" mnemonic when I was in elementary school. I am distressed now that Pluto isn't a planet. I grew up with Pluto being a planet. In fact I liked Pluto as a planet. I haven't really read why people are so focused on taking away Pluto's planetary status.
Luckily no one got killed over this like with the Earth being flat vs round. I certainly hope Pluto wasn't a sacrificial lamb to stimulate foam planet kit sales. OMG, my horoscopes will be off. I have to get rid of my tarot cards. :|

Seems like we are all de-evolving. Pluto's gone and may be replace by a planet called Xena (wtf?). Evolution is on the chopping block. Stargate: SG! is being cancelled. We have no dead zone. I still don't have a flying car. Next we'll find out that the earth really is flat.

[end snark]

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

4400 Finale

Did anyone catch The 4400 Summer Finale?


FINALLY Isabelle has been de-clawed. Though before she was, she had a little Anakin Skywalker spirit in her. She was choking people from afar AND she was about to slaughter some younglings. Luckily Lady Di came in guns blazing and her daddy gave her a shot of her own medicine. After she was neutralized, Tom still shot her for good measure. That guy is nothing if not thorough.

In this episode, all #2 hit the fan. You have Jordan Collier giving away promycin shots for free. Jeffrey Combs not playing a crazy person, Summer Glau in pearls. I tell ya, the world is about to end.

There was one bright part.... the show was already stellar but this is the cherry on top. Alana was "taken". I thought we got rid of her but she came back. Now she was taken by those "future" people.

You know, this whole show reminds me of an episode of The Outer Limits called "Double Helix". It's one of my favorite episodes of The Outer Limits too. ...anyway.....

We got rid of Alana. Kyle went crazy from guilt. Diana is moving to Spain with her soon to be suspicious husband. Diana's sister looks like she's going to get a promycin induced super power so that she can exact revenge on her sister and her ex-boyfriend. Shawn and Isabelle are both in the hospital in comas.

It's just a huge but lovely mess.

Working on Something Special

No, I'm not slacking off. I'm working on something special.... just for you all. Keep your feeds open. More snark to come.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Morena Baccarin Rocked SG-1!

I really like her. I'm not sure why. Not only is she BEAUTIFUL but she has a certain humbleness to her. When she's on screen she's engaging. I think it's talent. Kinda rare. :)

The Ori storyline desperately needed her to make it more interesting. ..and DUDE!!!! SHE CAN CHOKE PEOPLE FROM AFAR LIKE DARTH VADER!!! I think that's what got me.
...and the Costume Designer for this episode deserves an award. Her dress was amazing. In SG1 everyone is always wearing BLAND military gear. It is always a treat when the costume department actually gets to design.

I also enjoyed Atlantis. I liked the twist with the Wraith. It made them more accessible and took them from zombie like boogeymen to perhaps an enemy that can be reasoned with. I think that's why I hate zombies, creatures, monsters and SNAKES is because you can't reason with these thing. You can only use brute force. I like know that I can bullshit my way out of tight spot.

Did Anyone Catch Shatner's Roast?

Comedy Central: Shows - Roast of William Shatner

I hadn't laughed so hard since a month ago when I saw Free Enterprise for the first time. George Takei (rhymes with toupe) was on FIRE... flaming even. It seemed like he'd been waiting on this roast for years! Jason Alexander was a perfect choice for host of this event.

Everyone knows that Shatner is a diva but he's so charming and goofy that you've gotta love him and what he did for the Star Trek franchise. No one can top him. No one was smart enough to get Matt Damon on the show to let us see his Kirk impression... so yeah... no one can be Captain Kirk but William Shatner.

If you missed this see if you can find a re-run. It's not on iTunes yet but hopefully they will get wise and make it available.

The Spinoff Billie Piper Never Had

SCI FI Wire | The News Service of the SCI FI Channel: Piper Who Spinoff Scuttled
The BBC reported that it has scrapped plans for a Doctor Who spinoff show that would have starred Billie Piper, who played Rose Tyler in the show's previous two seasons in the United Kingdom. (The second season of Doctor Who will air in the United States on SCI FI Channel, starting on Sept. 29.)"It was actually commissioned by the controller of BBC One and budgeted," series creator Russell T Davies told Doctor Who magazine, according to a report on the BBC Web site. But Davies later decided that the show, Rose Tyler: Earth Defence, was "a spinoff too far" and called it off.
Wow! I have an internet connection and am online a lot and I swear this is the first that I've heard about this spinoff. Makes me feel primitive and out of the "loop". I don't think this show was a good idea... EVER. It must have been pillow talk to get Billie Piper to leave the Doctor Who show.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shrinking Bear Nuts

Study: Polar Bear Genitals are Shrinking - Yahoo! News
If mutants aren't enough for you, apparently there is some scientist going around looking at bears' nuts.

I promise I'll have something snarky to say about the cancellation of SG1 and Rose Tyler: Final Conflict.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Did Anyone Go to Vegas?

For the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek? I haven't found any pictures or convention reports. Anything anyone?

I want to hear everything!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Enterprise Crew On Notice

I decided that the creators, producers, writers and people who created that damned theme song of Star Trek: Enterprise should go on notice.

You too can put someone on notice.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stargate's 200th: An Orgy of Geekiness

Wright and Cooper Love Us

Unlike Berman and Braga... no.... I'm going to stay positive.

I have never felt so much love for sci-fi fans EVER!!!! The cast and CREW of Stargate SG1 went above and beyond anything ever done in the history of the genre.

If you missed last night's 200th episode of Stargate: SG1, first slap your self... no really, I'll wait....
then beg, borrow or steal a copy of the episode AND the behind-the-scenes episode.

First, in the behind-the-scenes episode, we go on a journey with Gary Jones (Technician/Sergeant Walter Davis). He's stalking everyone to find out if he's in the 200th episode. That is hilarious. I have a special place in my heart for Gary's character. He's been there so long, he's funny and even though he has a small part it's a great part.
What more can you expect from a behind-the-scenes episode? There was a lot of laughing and a lot of hijinks.

The 200th Episode:
We open by seeing the Furlings which strangely look like Ewoks. Apparently this alien race has been referred to several times throughout the series. I don't recall this alien race being mentioned but there was a huge fan curiosity about seeing these creatures.
We got zombies, someone wanted to know how many times T'ealc said 'Indeed', The Wizard of Oz, Farscape, Star Trek, they did puppets, they blew up Cheyenne Mountain, Sam and Jack got married... it was an orgy of geekiness.

My least favorite part was the behind-the-scenes with the cast of the TV show based on Stargate called Wormhole Extreme. More time should have been spent everywhere else but that's just a nitpick.

The show was awesome and a real treat.

Can't say the same for Stargate: Atlantis. I've seen this episode so many times; Buffy, Deep Space Nine, etc. Hell, I even think they did something similar in the first season of Atlantis. The best part was Jack O'Neil.

Superheroes Make Me Cry

They made me cry like a little bitch.

The latest episode of Who Wants to be a Superhero had me in tears. I resented being toyed with like that but they deserve some sort of award for being able to do that.

****SPOILERS MATEY!!!*********

Only three remain. Feedback, Major Victory and Fat Momma. I honestly didn't think she would last so long. My two favorite characters, Feedback and Major Victory, lasted the longest and I'm glad about that. Creature and Lemuria were eliminated this week. They looked nice in their costumes and that's all I can really say about them.

Who's your "money" on?

SpaceX, Rocketplane Kistler Win NASA Competition

Slashdot | SpaceX, Rocketplane Kistler Win NASA Competition
Two emerging space companies have won a NASA competition to provide low cost commercial transport to the International Space Station. SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, is developing its two-stage reusable Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon spacecraft, but it is making changes after the loss of Falcon 1 during its maiden launch. Rocketplane Kistler's K-1 is a two-stage reusable launch vehicle that has been in development for over a decade. Both companies represent a departure from business as usual at NASA. Boeing and Lockheed Martin are the largest companies in the aerospace industry and win most NASA contracts."
There's a joke about losing tapes in there somewhere I know.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

'Hybrid Mutant' Found Dead in Maine

ABC News: 'Hybrid Mutant' Found Dead in Maine
After reviewing photos of the carcass, Coleman said he was bothered by the animal's ears and snout. It reminded him of a case years ago in northern Maine in which an animal shot by a hunter could not be identified. In the end, wildlife officials got a DNA analysis that showed the animal was a rare wolf-dog hybrid, he said.Mike O'Donnell, who is married to Michelle O'Donnell, said the animal looked "half-rodent, half-dog" to him.It was charcoal gray, weighed between 40 and 50 pounds and had a bushy tail, a short snout, short ears and curled fangs hanging over its lips, he said. It looked like "something out of a Stephen King story.""This is something I've never seen before. It's an evil-looking thing," he said.
Must be a left over prop from a SciFi Original. I can't believe this is news.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

WTF? NASA can't find original tape of moon landing?

moon walk
moon walk,
originally uploaded by coolskipper.
NASA can't find original tape of moon landing - Yahoo! News
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government has misplaced the original recording of the first moon landing, including astronaut Neil Armstrong's famous "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," a
NASA spokesman said on Monday.

Armstrong's famous space walk, seen by millions of viewers on July 20, 1969, is among transmissions that NASA has failed to turn up in a year of searching, spokesman Grey Hautaloma said.

"We haven't seen them for quite a while. We've been looking for over a year and they haven't turned up," Hautaloma said.

Just when I let go of the thought that the original moon landing was faked, they drop this bomb on me. How do you "loose" the original tapes of the moon landing???

Talk about amateur hour. This isn't supposed to happen. How does this happen? It's disturbing, it saddens and angers me. There is NO WAY on Earth that something as important as these tapes should just be missing. I mean did someone's dog eat them or what? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kraken on SciFi

final kraken bib
final kraken bib,
originally uploaded by pinprick.
SCI FI Wire | The News Service of the SCI FI Channel: Fans Name Kraken
Fans who logged on to SCIFI.COM in July were asked to name an upcoming SCI FI Channel Saturday-night movie about a giant squid; the winner is: Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep. The movie, which stars Victoria Pratt, Charlie O'Connell and Jack Scalia, premieres Sept. 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Kraken? Doesn't that have something to do with that Cthulhu thing? I never really got the excitement about Cthulhu. The fellas over at SF Signal are always ranting and raving about it.

I Wikied Kraken and found this ...
According to Philip A. Shreffer in The Lovecraft Companion, it is safe to suppose that Tennyson's portrayal of Kraken also influenced the 20th century horror writer H. P. Lovecraft in his description of the octopus-headed sea monster Cthulhu, which is currently trapped at the bottom of the ocean, until strange ├Žons shall bring about its return to the surface; and which in his short story The Call of Cthulhu is encountered by a Norwegian sailor. [1]
... among other things.

OK. I get that but I need someone to explain to me why guys eyes glazes over like they are talking about Star Wars or something at the mention of Cthulhu.

Sesame Street is for Fairies

abby cadabby
abby cadabby,
originally uploaded by cammom.
Seasame Street has gone fantasy on us and added a girly- girl muppet named Abby Cadabby. She's pink and she's a fairy. I think I kinda like her. *GIRLIE SQUEAL!!!!*

Abby Cadabby Moves to 'Sesame Street'

Sesame Street's New Muppet Faces 'Mean Girl' Syndrome
"Abby, being a fairy, allows us to teach diversity and accepting of other's differences, because we don't have a fairy on 'Sesame Street,'" Parente said. "She's able to show everyone what it's like to be a fairy and what it's like to be magical."

Monday, August 14, 2006

Blade: The Series... So Far

May Sweeps Has Ended...
May Sweeps Has Ended...,
originally uploaded by macslost.

Blade is taking it's time and building up slowly. It must be following the old school Star Trek model where it takes 7 seasons to mature. Will this show have that long? I don’t know what the ratings are doing but people are paying for and downloading it on iTunes.

For me, it wasn’t until I saw the episode Bloodlines and Evil Within that I TRULY thought that this show may have a chance. Bloodlines gives a wonderful Blade back story. If you don’t know by now, I LOVE A GOOD BACK STORY. This one puts Blade in a gang when he was young. They even referred to them as “The Lost Boys” the gang is really called “Bad Blood” but the way the gang and the back story is told it is very similar to “The Lost Boys”. For whatever reason, that resonates with me. Blade’s old gang is hunted and outcast amongst the other Vampire Houses because they were turned by the old Kiefer Sutherland like Blade who is now more like Angel. They resent him, kidnap him and use him as a bargaining chip to gain entrance into a prestigious Vampire Clan. You know it doesn’t work but bless them for trying.

Just watch the damned episode, catch it on repeat. It’ll grab you.

There’s another matter.

The next episode is The Evil Within. This has to be the TOP episode because it appears as if the annoying platinum blonde who doesn’t have a purpose on the show dies. The episode deserves an award for getting that nerve pinching wench off of the show. She is apparently replaced by a child vampire like Claudia from Interview with a Vampire. I was impressed with this little girl. She has power and she is playing are really evil adult role.

I still have to catch up on two more episodes. I will post my thoughts after I watch them.

If the show keeps building a strong foundation, it will probably replace the void left by Buffy and Angel. Here’s to hope!

The 4400 Gospel Recap

originally uploaded by Rossana.

The 4400 is keeping it's intriguing pace. Jordan Collier is back. His return and people's respose to his return was predictable. The resurrection, the adoring, government interference was so Biblical. The story stood on the edge of being stale but it managed to overcome that. The most curious thing about this episode is Richard's response to Jordan's captivity. I don't ever recall Richard being so edgy. I don't know what Jordan did to warrant that kind of loyalty. ...well, I do and I don't.

My favorite part of the episode is the chilling conversation that Jordan had with Isabelle near the end of the episode. Sure she apologized for getting him shot but he wasn't having any of her B.S. He told her to get her evil arse out of the 4400 center because she wasn't wanted there. He was so calm and calculated. I knew I missed that guy for a reason.
I guess that wedding is off.

There is another wedding that is supposedly on. Maya predicted that Diana and her sister's boyfriend would be getting married. Something's not right with this. I think that Mr. Hot Photographer Guy is a 4400 and he can project his will on to others, even a "precog" like Maya. He must be part of that 4400 rogue group. It's just speculation but I think Diana is going to have Scully and Samantha Carter syndrome. Every guy is either going to die or be crazy.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stargate: SG1 200th Episode

SCIFI.COM | Stargate SG-1 - 200th Episode

This Friday, August 18th, marks the 200th episode of Stargate: SG1. I've seen the previews for it and it looks as if it's going to be a real treat. From the commercial, I knew they were doing a Star Trek spoof but I picked up the latest edition of TV guide, the one with that Canadian Stallion Kiefer Sutherland on the cover, and I found out that they are throwing the Wizard of Oz and Farscape in there too. I wish this episode was two hours. They do bring back Willie Garson. If you don't know who he is, shoot yourself now. Or at least Google his photo.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Hayden Christensen blah blah blah

Hayden Christensen
Hayden Christensen,
originally uploaded by twentysix.
SCI FI Wire | The News Service of the SCI FI Channel<: Christensen Teleports To Jumper
Star Wars' Hayden Christensen will star in Jumper, Regency Enterprises' big-budget SF thriller being directed by Doug Liman, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Regency has partnered with 20th Century Fox to finance the production, which sources told the trade paper is budgeted in the $100 million range.
This guy is still getting work?

Superhero Addresses Some Concerns

A couple of posts back I voiced some concerns about some of the "superheroes" having acting credits. Stan Lee kicked off a "superhero" this week because she was an actress. When she got thrown off Feedback and Lemeria should have spoken up too. Though Feedback said that he quit his job to join the show, he still has acting credits. Whatever.

Monkey Woman was thrown off and Ty'Veculus. Fat Momma seems bent on revenge for the elimination of Ty'Veculus. She's not going to make it.

Control Voice

There is nothing wrong with your television. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now controlling the transmission. We control the horizontal and the vertical. We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond. We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive. For the next hour we will control all that you see and hear. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to The Outer Limits.

Internet Rumors Do Come True

originally uploaded by purplebox.

The Wicker Man

I'm not sure when I heard this rumor but I remember there were rumors about Nicholas Cage staring in The Wicker Man. I also remember people discounting the rumor, the rumor died off and I forgot about it. Lo and behold, time does tell, this rumor is true and it looks like it's going to be good. The Wicker Man story follows a Scottish police officer investigating the disappearance of a child. He finds himself in a pagan land where human sacrifice is still practiced.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jordan Collier is Back

4400's Jordan Collier is back and I'm happy! That was the longest cliff hanger tease ever. Every time I watched each episode this season, there was always that uneasiness of unfinished business with him. He was the elephant in the TV and now we can talk about him. I can't wait to see what happens. What sucks is that we know that Richard Tyler is wearing a red shirt. I wish they'd put Isabel in a red shirt. I can't wait until Jeffrey Combs comes back.

Sorry for such a simple post but I've been swamped.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Brent Simon's Space Camp

YouTube - Space Camp

I was watching the Helio Air TV spot on YouTube and noticed a link called Space Camp. At first I thought it was fake and the guy was lip syncing but I kept watching and this guy wasn't faking. I love this song! It's no Top 20. It's a wacky geeky song about Space Camp. Check it out yourself using the link above.

Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi...

...ah you know the rest.

from Slice of Sci-Fi:
Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact: Helio Television
This little piece of cool tech news came from Kurt, a Slice of SciFi regular listener of the show and reader of the website.

This new technology is so cool. The Helio Display - Air Video Screen is straight out of Star Wars and is already available, if you have $20,000 to spare.

Check out the video at

You've gotta watch the You Tube video. I kept waiting for them to actually put Leia up on the screen but they didn't. Not a flying car but I still got goose bumps.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Prophets Of Science Fiction

SF Signal: The Prophets Of Science Fiction

The Prophets Of Science Fiction airs on The Discovery Science Channel this week (multiple airings beginning August 6) and features the predictions of science fiction writers like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. The Production company, Veriscope pictures, describes it thusly:
Jules Verne and H.G. Wells predicted how we would reach the moon, the future of the submarine, and the invention of the atom bomb. How did these prophets of science fiction see the future with such uncanny accuracy?
And this is not being developed by the Sci-Fi Channel because...? Oh, right. No monsters and no wrestlers.
[via Locus Online]

Superheroes With Acting Credits

More Contestants
More Contestants,
originally uploaded by Khoi Vinh.
I was poking around on IMDB and I decided that I could probably determine who the winner of Who Wants to be a Superhero? by looking who has a Sci-Fi original in production or something like that on their IMDB page. What I DID NOT expect to see was half of the current cast with acting credits. Not that actors aren't real people BUT in terms of reality TV, they are not especially when they are presented as real estate agents and such. I guess the only saving grace is that these people used their real names so that you can "look them up" if you wanted to.

We all know that Stan Lee "will act for food". He'll make a cameo in anything.

Our first "outed" character was Tobias Trost as Levity. He's supposed to be a toy designer and animator. He's also ben an actor and production assistant. OK, Stan Lee called him out and kicked him off the show. He's not really as much of a deception.

Next up one of my favorites is Matthew Atherton as Feedback. He's been in some of my favorite shows such as Special Unit 2 and NCIS. He's also been on Malcolm in the Middle. I really feel for his "quitting his job" story and his "Stan Lee you are like my father sir" bit. Because he is an actor by trade, can we believe anything he says? He's supposed to be a "Software Engineer".

Tonya Kay as Creature. I'm not really sure what Creature does except for act like a wild creature. The lady looks AWESOME in pictures. She has ONE acting credit and is supposed to be an Automobile Mechanic. I don't believe it. She's is some vegan healer. Those vegan types rub me the wrong way.

Mary Votava as Monkey Woman has acting credits. I guess you can be an investor with acting credits. Looks like she has some new work this year. I think she's a sweet person but I don't buy her as a superhero.

Our favorite male stripper or "Disc Jockey" Chris Watters as Major Victory. He's only been a production manager. He's the silliest. I'm pretty sure he's had "some" acting classes. He's just so hilariously bad. Can we believe him? Read Major Victory's bio, it's hilarious!

The repeat offender and the one that upset me the most for some reason is Tonatzin Mondragon as Lemuria. The "artist and sculptor" who is an energy superhero. She was "voted" on to the show. She speaks Aztec which is a plus for her but the thing that set me off was that she was on the Bold and the Beautiful, a SOAP OPERA. I don't know why that set me off but it did.

Everyone else, Fat Momma, Nitro G, Iron Enforcer, Cell Phone Girl and Ty'Veculus seem to be regular people with no documented acting credits. It would have been nice to see more "real" people.

It's still a good show and I plan to keep on watching it but now that I've seen how the sausage is made, I'm going to be more critical of the outcome if one of the actors win.

Radioactive SCORPION Venom

Slashdot | Cancer Therapy with Radioactive Scorpion Venom

They are just making shit up now.

I had to do a double take when I saw the title of this article because it didn't compute at first. It's great news yes. I've lost two family members to cancer. But if I were to tell my aunt or grandfather "Hey I want to inject you with Radioactive Scorpion Venom" well sure they would've let me but they'd let out a some laughs too.

How did researchers get to that point? Hey dude! Let's try scorpion venom. No.... let's try RADIOACTIVE scorpion venom. You just KNOW they tried radioactive spider venom first.
I'm glad they are keeping an open mind because I know cancer patients and their families are willing to try dust from Mars at this point.

Batman Sequel Is Dark Knight

SCI FI Wire | The News Service of the SCI FI Channel
Warner Brothers announced that its upcoming sequel to 2005's hit Batman Begins will be called The Dark Knight and will feature Heath Ledger as the Joker.

Christopher Nolan is set to direct from a script by Jonathan Nolan, based on a story by Christopher Nolan and David Goyer, who both wrote the screenplay for the previous film. Christian Bale, who played Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman Begins, will again play the Caped Crusader. Emma Thomas, Charles Roven and Christopher Nolan will produce.

"I'm excited to continue the story we started with Batman Begins," Christopher Nolan said in a statement. "Our challenge in casting the Joker was to find an actor who is not just extraordinarily talented, but fearless. Watching Heath Ledger's interpretation of this iconic character taking on Christian Bale's Batman is going to be incredible." Production is set to begin on The Dark Knight in early 2007.

The Dark Knight appears to be an allusion to Frank Miller's groundbreaking 1986 graphic novel Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, which redefined the character with a darkly psychological take and paved the way for subsequent comic and film interpretations of him, including Tim Burton's gothic Batman film in 1989.