Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas"

[begin snark]

... or Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Pluto. I learned the "Pizza" mnemonic when I was in elementary school. I am distressed now that Pluto isn't a planet. I grew up with Pluto being a planet. In fact I liked Pluto as a planet. I haven't really read why people are so focused on taking away Pluto's planetary status.
Luckily no one got killed over this like with the Earth being flat vs round. I certainly hope Pluto wasn't a sacrificial lamb to stimulate foam planet kit sales. OMG, my horoscopes will be off. I have to get rid of my tarot cards. :|

Seems like we are all de-evolving. Pluto's gone and may be replace by a planet called Xena (wtf?). Evolution is on the chopping block. Stargate: SG! is being cancelled. We have no dead zone. I still don't have a flying car. Next we'll find out that the earth really is flat.

[end snark]


Anonymous said...

i totally agree. what will my excellent mother serve now? i feel as if a bit of my childhood has been taken from me without warning.

"they lied to us.
this was supposed to be the future.
where is my robotic companion?
where is my dinner in pill form?
where is my hydrogen fueled automobile?
where is my nuclear-powered levitating house?
where is my cure for this disease?"
- from

scifirantergirl said...

We were totally scammed. Looks like we going to have to make this stuff ourselves.