Tuesday, August 29, 2006

4400 Finale

Did anyone catch The 4400 Summer Finale?


FINALLY Isabelle has been de-clawed. Though before she was, she had a little Anakin Skywalker spirit in her. She was choking people from afar AND she was about to slaughter some younglings. Luckily Lady Di came in guns blazing and her daddy gave her a shot of her own medicine. After she was neutralized, Tom still shot her for good measure. That guy is nothing if not thorough.

In this episode, all #2 hit the fan. You have Jordan Collier giving away promycin shots for free. Jeffrey Combs not playing a crazy person, Summer Glau in pearls. I tell ya, the world is about to end.

There was one bright part.... the show was already stellar but this is the cherry on top. Alana was "taken". I thought we got rid of her but she came back. Now she was taken by those "future" people.

You know, this whole show reminds me of an episode of The Outer Limits called "Double Helix". It's one of my favorite episodes of The Outer Limits too. ...anyway.....

We got rid of Alana. Kyle went crazy from guilt. Diana is moving to Spain with her soon to be suspicious husband. Diana's sister looks like she's going to get a promycin induced super power so that she can exact revenge on her sister and her ex-boyfriend. Shawn and Isabelle are both in the hospital in comas.

It's just a huge but lovely mess.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think that was the season finale just yet, at least I don't think so. I know a couple of people kind of confused over this, but the USA's 4400 website says finale is yet to come this Sunday.