Saturday, August 26, 2006

Morena Baccarin Rocked SG-1!

I really like her. I'm not sure why. Not only is she BEAUTIFUL but she has a certain humbleness to her. When she's on screen she's engaging. I think it's talent. Kinda rare. :)

The Ori storyline desperately needed her to make it more interesting. ..and DUDE!!!! SHE CAN CHOKE PEOPLE FROM AFAR LIKE DARTH VADER!!! I think that's what got me.
...and the Costume Designer for this episode deserves an award. Her dress was amazing. In SG1 everyone is always wearing BLAND military gear. It is always a treat when the costume department actually gets to design.

I also enjoyed Atlantis. I liked the twist with the Wraith. It made them more accessible and took them from zombie like boogeymen to perhaps an enemy that can be reasoned with. I think that's why I hate zombies, creatures, monsters and SNAKES is because you can't reason with these thing. You can only use brute force. I like know that I can bullshit my way out of tight spot.

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