Saturday, August 26, 2006

Did Anyone Catch Shatner's Roast?

Comedy Central: Shows - Roast of William Shatner

I hadn't laughed so hard since a month ago when I saw Free Enterprise for the first time. George Takei (rhymes with toupe) was on FIRE... flaming even. It seemed like he'd been waiting on this roast for years! Jason Alexander was a perfect choice for host of this event.

Everyone knows that Shatner is a diva but he's so charming and goofy that you've gotta love him and what he did for the Star Trek franchise. No one can top him. No one was smart enough to get Matt Damon on the show to let us see his Kirk impression... so yeah... no one can be Captain Kirk but William Shatner.

If you missed this see if you can find a re-run. It's not on iTunes yet but hopefully they will get wise and make it available.

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