Monday, August 14, 2006

The 4400 Gospel Recap

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The 4400 is keeping it's intriguing pace. Jordan Collier is back. His return and people's respose to his return was predictable. The resurrection, the adoring, government interference was so Biblical. The story stood on the edge of being stale but it managed to overcome that. The most curious thing about this episode is Richard's response to Jordan's captivity. I don't ever recall Richard being so edgy. I don't know what Jordan did to warrant that kind of loyalty. ...well, I do and I don't.

My favorite part of the episode is the chilling conversation that Jordan had with Isabelle near the end of the episode. Sure she apologized for getting him shot but he wasn't having any of her B.S. He told her to get her evil arse out of the 4400 center because she wasn't wanted there. He was so calm and calculated. I knew I missed that guy for a reason.
I guess that wedding is off.

There is another wedding that is supposedly on. Maya predicted that Diana and her sister's boyfriend would be getting married. Something's not right with this. I think that Mr. Hot Photographer Guy is a 4400 and he can project his will on to others, even a "precog" like Maya. He must be part of that 4400 rogue group. It's just speculation but I think Diana is going to have Scully and Samantha Carter syndrome. Every guy is either going to die or be crazy.

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