Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Superheroes With Acting Credits

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More Contestants,
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I was poking around on IMDB and I decided that I could probably determine who the winner of Who Wants to be a Superhero? by looking who has a Sci-Fi original in production or something like that on their IMDB page. What I DID NOT expect to see was half of the current cast with acting credits. Not that actors aren't real people BUT in terms of reality TV, they are not especially when they are presented as real estate agents and such. I guess the only saving grace is that these people used their real names so that you can "look them up" if you wanted to.

We all know that Stan Lee "will act for food". He'll make a cameo in anything.

Our first "outed" character was Tobias Trost as Levity. He's supposed to be a toy designer and animator. He's also ben an actor and production assistant. OK, Stan Lee called him out and kicked him off the show. He's not really as much of a deception.

Next up one of my favorites is Matthew Atherton as Feedback. He's been in some of my favorite shows such as Special Unit 2 and NCIS. He's also been on Malcolm in the Middle. I really feel for his "quitting his job" story and his "Stan Lee you are like my father sir" bit. Because he is an actor by trade, can we believe anything he says? He's supposed to be a "Software Engineer".

Tonya Kay as Creature. I'm not really sure what Creature does except for act like a wild creature. The lady looks AWESOME in pictures. She has ONE acting credit and is supposed to be an Automobile Mechanic. I don't believe it. She's is some vegan healer. Those vegan types rub me the wrong way.

Mary Votava as Monkey Woman has acting credits. I guess you can be an investor with acting credits. Looks like she has some new work this year. I think she's a sweet person but I don't buy her as a superhero.

Our favorite male stripper or "Disc Jockey" Chris Watters as Major Victory. He's only been a production manager. He's the silliest. I'm pretty sure he's had "some" acting classes. He's just so hilariously bad. Can we believe him? Read Major Victory's scifi.com bio, it's hilarious!

The repeat offender and the one that upset me the most for some reason is Tonatzin Mondragon as Lemuria. The "artist and sculptor" who is an energy superhero. She was "voted" on to the show. She speaks Aztec which is a plus for her but the thing that set me off was that she was on the Bold and the Beautiful, a SOAP OPERA. I don't know why that set me off but it did.

Everyone else, Fat Momma, Nitro G, Iron Enforcer, Cell Phone Girl and Ty'Veculus seem to be regular people with no documented acting credits. It would have been nice to see more "real" people.

It's still a good show and I plan to keep on watching it but now that I've seen how the sausage is made, I'm going to be more critical of the outcome if one of the actors win.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that Steel Chambers AKA Iron Enforcer AKA Dark Enforcer has been in many commercials and movies.

scifirantergirl said...

Thanks! I guess. I'm depressed. Is all reality TV fake?

Anonymous said...

For some reason Chris Watters has 2 IMDB pages. Look up Christopher Watters and you'll see that he has quite a few acting credits under his belt including some soaps. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes... fake :)
sorry..late as usual..

aka, levity