Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Farscape Needs More Saving better known as those Wacky Farscape Kids are at it again.

This time they need 1,000 letters sent to local broadcasting stations to get Farscape into syndication.

Farscape is currently being shopped to local television stations across the nation by Debmar Studios, for fall 2005 broadcast syndication. The program is being made available to stations through a bartering system, in which no cash changes hands. Local channels simply have to agree to allot specific amounts of advertising time for Debmar to sell to national advertisers, in exchange for attaining the rights to broadcast syndicated episodes of Farscape. A current print article indicates that the company currently has Farscape cleared in 50% of the nation. While that number is good, we CAN make it better.

By January 17, 2005, we are requesting that each of you send a minimum of ONE letter to each of your local broadcast stations. The letter should include demographics, a bit about the ratings success of Farscape and any pleading you might like. The deadline is being used, as the majority of syndication contracts are established prior to the January 25th – January 27th NATPE Syndication Convention. The convention can be looked at as the reward for all who participated in the work leading to the event, being that it is filled with both stars and parties. All of this means that we have VERY LITTLE time to convince your local programming department that they ONLY NEED FARSCAPE!

If these guys were into politics, they'd give the government hell!

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