Monday, June 12, 2006

4400: More Dazzle Than Disappointment


Because I've remained spoiler-free, I had NO idea that Lily was going to die and Laura Allen was leaving the show. I know it was beyond everyone's control but it sucked. It felt rushed and broke the momentum of the show. The way everything was written was a nice save but it was something jarring about it.

The premiere packed a lot of punch. There were many things to digest. I thought that we'd see the miraculous return of Jordan Collier but Billy Campbell is off being a pirate in real life. I really liked this guy. He was fun to look at. That beard astonished me everytime I saw him. I didn't think men still wore full beards like that. If you look at his IMDB page he's beardless. He looks naked.
Did you see were it said he was second choice for Riker on Star Trek: Next Gen. Astonishing.

DAMN YOU A.D.D.!!! *shakes fist to the heavens*
Ok, back on track.

The baby Elizabeth thread was interesting. I wonder what she is. I can't wait to see that story unfold. I trust that the story will be twisted and shocking but I honestly can't predict what they have in store for us. I'm also concerned about what Richard, her dad, will have to do for the rest of the show. Whining and damage control? Well, actually, he can start some trouble of his own. He's a cheap ass Jean Grey now, I guess. His daughter is a Wolverine type.

Shawn has himself in a bit of a pickle as well. He needs to grow some nads. He's the leader of this rag-tag bunch o' freaks and they are running a muck. His terrorist buddies were out of control and got one poor guy tortured. I guess growing wheat as an act of terrorism got them some cool points. They need to be kept in check though. I foresee them causing trouble.

Ah... and last but not least Jeffrey Combs as Kevin Burkhoff. Notice how that syringe full of fluid looks just like the syringe in Re-Animator? I laughed my ass off at the tribute. I wonder what his ability will be. That's going to be fun.
7 of 13 episodes. He'd better be full-time next year.

It was a good premiere. 4400 is still a winner for me!
The crew working on this show is awesome!

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