Tuesday, June 27, 2006

ADHD Review: Dr. Who, 4400, Dead Zone

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Doctor Who: Fear Her
from the wonderful website Outpost Gallifrey:
Despite another day of fine weather in the UK, last
night's Fear Her saw an increase in audience figures to 6.64 million viewers, up from
last week's 6.22 million for "Love & Monsters", according to the
unofficial overnights.
I loved this episode. Though it was just another "Weirdness of the Week" episode, it was fun. I felt guilty for watching this show because this episode made me realize that I tune in every week for a kids show. David Tennant was really "cute". I loved his Olympic Torch run. He's a goofy one but that's why I like him. The ending was a bit jarring though. It did some hardcore foreshadowing. Looks like the Cybermen are going to bleed through to "our time". If so, maybe we'll get to see Mickey again!

4400: Gone
Interesting ep. Elizabeth is the 7 of 9 of this show and dammit, she's getting on my nerves too. This show doesn't need a barely naked woman on the screen to be interesting. She's barely 2 years old for crying out loud. Speaking of Star Trek anyone notice that the Borg Queen of First Contact was the same lady that abducted Maia?
Aside from that, FINALLY we get to find out more about the people who set this whole 4400 thing in motion. I'm really ready to learn about this strange situation. Can't wait until next week.

The Dead Zone: Independence Day
This show is shot in Canada and looks like Canada, it's really weird hearing them pretending to be in America. Regardless, I liked this episode even though I think his best friend is set to die every season. It's good to have a psychic for a friend. Anthony Michael Hall is still sexy and I'm so glad they got rid of the cane shtick. As a show that broke out on to it's own from the confines of the movie, I'd say that The Dead Zone still has it.

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