Friday, June 09, 2006

Behr Compares 4400 to DS9

The 4400 Centre sign
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Behr Compares 4400 to DS9

One of the characters who became very important to the mythology of The 4400 in its second season was "Kevin Burkhoff," an erratic and somewhat demented neurosurgeon played by Behr's old friend from DS9, Jeffrey Combs ("Weyoun" and "Brunt," as well as "Shran" in Star Trek: Enterprise and others). As previously reported, Combs will continue in that recurring role throughout the third season, appearing in seven of 13 episodes.

Notice that the two best shows in Sci-Fi both feature Jeffrey Combs. He's the good luck charm. They should make him a regular character if they want the show to survive!

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