Saturday, November 05, 2005

NaDruWriNi: First Drinking Blog

I learned about NaDruWriNi a few hours ago and I don't feel like going to the store to deal with the drones who shop on Saturday. So I'm drinking Sky Vodka mixed with with, yep you guessed it, Pepsi. It's gross.

I'm drinking the Vodka first because I really want to save the Heinekin's for later. I'm listening to Mike and Evo's Wingin' It still. Now I'm suffering through the "Mike from Memphis" segment. Sorry but Mike is not funny, he is tedious.

Then you have TD0013...
This Storm Trooper is insane, this guy totally needs medication but I love him all the same. His latest segment suggests that instead of the Storm Troopers killing Uncle Owen and Aunt... I Forgot Her Name, that Obi-Wan set the killing up via Boba Fett so that Luke would follow him on his idealistic crusade. He's so wrong but like I said it's so hilarious that you can't get in a huff about it.
...There is that thing where Obi-Wan lied to Luke about Darth Vader being his father.....

... I don't know if blogging and drinking will work. I can hardly pay attention. In a few minutes... well, I always butcher the written English language but in about 30 minutes, I don't know if this will be coherent.

To quote a great man:
"Wash dies." -- Evo Terra

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