Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nightstalker last episode on iTunes.

ABC quietly slips 'Night Stalker' cliffhanger finale onto iTunes
The show no longer appears on the ABC network. Almost all traces of it have been cleansed from the ABC website.

But fans of the recently cancelled remake of Night Stalker have been thrown an Internet-flavored bone by the network.

Although the network TV ratings were too low to justify continuing the Night Stalker story for free on TV, apparently sales on Apple's iTunes store are good enough for at least one more episode of the series - for a price.

Two weeks ago, ABC abruptly canceled Night Stalker after airing a mere six episodes.

The unlikely series ender was an episode entitled The Source, a cliffhanger meant to be part one of a two-part episode. The "To be continued..." that whetted millions of appetites was not to be for the millions of fans who tuned in each Thursday at 9/8c p.m.

After the abrupt cancellation, fansites quickly took ABC to task for leaving Night Stalker fans in the lurch, not knowing if one of the major characters of the show would survive what looked like an impending death.

ABC was silent. Fans were furious.

The network merely said Night Stalker was no longer being produced. It gave no hint as to whether the three remaining unaired episodes - including the one-hour finale of the cliffhanger episode - would ever be aired.

Then quietly over the Thanksgiving holiday, a seventh episode, The Sea appeared on the iTunes store. The 43-minute, 31-second episode is on sale for $1.99 for playback on a video iPod or home PC or Mac with QuickTime player installed (free with iTunes registration).

There is no word if the two remaining unaired episodes of Night Stalker also would be made available for download on iTunes in upcoming weeks.

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