Saturday, November 05, 2005

NaDruWriNi: THRESHOLD Moving from Fridays to Tuesdays

from Trek Web:
Braga's THRESHOLD Moving from Fridays to Tuesdays at End of the Month
CBS is expected to announce a time slot change for Brannon Braga's THRESHOLD, the alien invasion drama currently airing Friday nights at 9 o'clock. According to The Futon Critic, THRESHOLD will swap with another of CBS's freshman series, CLOSE TO HOME.

That will put THRESHOLD on Tuesdays at 10pm November 22nd and 29th. No word yet on whether the change will be permanent but the network is hoping to energize both series' soft ratings, according to the report. THRESHOLD has averaged 7.80 million viewers so far and CLOSE TO HOME has averaged 9.93 million. Both series have yet to be picked up for the full 2005/2006 season

You bet your sweet ass it's moving. It won't make it up against SciFriday when the new shows start airing.

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