Friday, June 03, 2005

OK, so I gave Firefly a chance

When the show aired the first time, I was not impressed. My hatred for westerns did not help me warm up to this show. I remember watching it the show and not really knowing or caring what was going on. It was a hard show to like.
That was back in September of 2002.
What shows were on then?

I know I was preoccupied with the ending of Buffy. Angel was still on the air. Birds of Prey got axed (thank the heavens). Enterprise was in it's second season of suck. Dead Zone was new. Farscape was still hot for me. Stargate was smoking....

I guess my point is that there was a lot of sci-fi to choose from in 2002. Firefly just didn't do it for me.

Fast forward to 2005. Star Trek has died a dismal death. Star Wars is over. It's summer and all of the season finales have aired. People keep going on about the Serenity trailer. I finally rented the DVD and reluctantly gave Firefly another chance.

Talk about wanting to kick myself in the ass! Bar fights, hooker unions, smuggling, crazy chics, naked man butts, sword fights, Jayne Day. I love this show! It's like watching the adventures of Han Solo or Farscape with out the puppets and aliens... sorta.
I wasn't pissed when I heard that the show got cancelled back in 2002 but now I'm upset. This show was before it's time. I read something somewhere that the show was aired out of sequence. Watching the show in order gave me what I needed to get into the show. The turkey that made the decision to show the episodes out of order should be forced to watch Enterprise everyday.... no... they should be forced to watch the 5th season of Earth Final Conflict everyday.
I still haven't watched the Serenity trailer because I didn't want to watch it with until I justified my dislike for Firefly. Every time I thought of the show and somebody mentioned Firefly or Serenity, I rolled my eyes. I didn't think I should watch the trailer or movie with out giving the show it's fair shake. I mean I've watched full seasons of really crappy sci-fi shows. There was no reason why I shouldn't give Firefly a chance.

So I have and now I'll watch the trailer. I'm hoping there's some naked man butt in the trailer. Ah.... Mal.

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