Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Catching up: Smallville, 4400, Deadzone

Smallville: Why did I think that they creepy guy who made the alternate school because he didn't want to leave high school was the season finale of Smallville? I was talking with someone and they were going on about how good the finale was and started talking about Meteor rocks, countdowns and the possibility of Lana's death!!! I had to stop 'em and whoa 'em. I must have had a serious brain fart because I totally missed the episode, wasn't looking for the episode and hadn't heard anything about the episode until my friend brought it up.
So like a good friend, he'd Tivo'ed it and damn! I can say this for Smallville, they will guarantee an awesome premiere and a kick ass finale.

4400: More Jeffrey Combs? I don't know what to do with myself. And the crazy chick from Firefly, is the crazy chick in the premiere. Granted, Jeffrey Combs is a crazy doctor in this episode but it was fun to see them both. What it does say is that the casting director is one lazy bastard, nice type casting. Although, if you are going to typecast, they picked nice actors. I love this show. It's almost like having The X-Files again, the good parts of the X-Files. Let's hope they don't go on a Chris Carter tangent.

Deadzone: It's pretty typical. They have still stayed on course with the movie. They've added their own spice in a good way. Well, Johnny has thrown away his cane, is walking fine and is going to "find his own way". They've dealt with the Stillson scene and it looks as if we are going to get into more of a "bring on the end of the world" scenario.

I've seen the previews for the new SG1, Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica. Ben Browder! GIRLIE SQUEAL!!! I can't wait.
....and what's with that Battlefield Earth looking guy in the Atlantis premiere? I can't believe they got rid of Ford for this. He better be good or I'll..... whine about it on my blog.
And is John Sheppard wearing eyeliner?

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