Sunday, June 26, 2005 Celebrity Cells

I pull down the newsfeed. I like to know the real life space/science headlines. I was catching up and came across an article called Brains Contain 'Celebrity Cells'. I thought it was going to be an article on how everyone has a celebrity gene but it was lying dormant in the part of the brain that we never use. Something light, some fun theory. Instead, it discusses about how our brain has it's own "face recognition technology". That's an interesting topic which is why I kept reading until the 4th paragraph. This is the point where I got irritated and stopped reading.
"...neuroscientists at UCLA and Caltech has rather haphazardly located a neuron that "looks for all the world like a 'Jennifer Aniston' cell..."

DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?????????????
These brainiacs are going on about a freaking "Jennifer Aniston cell"?!?!?!?!?!!!!? I hope these morons aren't using my tax dollars! I can hear them now, "... but Jennifer Aniston is hot...".
Shut down the neuroscience department and get this slackers working on my flying car!!!!

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