Friday, January 13, 2006

Depressed Because Your Girl Doesn't Like Science Fiction?

In response to this article from SciFi Brain:
The Fembot: Why All Women Should Love Sci-Fi

I think what this guy means to say is why don't cheerleaders, models, sorority girls, strippers and prostitutes like science fiction.

First, salt in the wound.
Too bad you don't have a girl like me. Sucks don't it. ;)
There are women out there that love science fiction you just have to get off of your ass and find them. Then you have to do what it takes to keep them.

Second, if you have a girl friend and you love science fiction and she doesn't, you have failed. You are probably not good in bed, she will probably leave you in a year and you don't deserve a girl friend. Here's why...

Getting your girl to like science fiction is easy if you are interesting and she loves spending time with you. If your girl doesn't want to curl up on the sofa and watch what you are watching just to be near you then you suck and will be single soon. If you do keep her, you are probably paying her rent, buying clothes, etc.?

Getting your girl to like science fiction requires you to be attentive. You have to actually pull yourself away from your web comics, newsgroups, multi-player video game, porno, and yes, your favorite science fiction TV show on to find out what your girl is interested in. Find out what her favorite TV shows or movies are, find out what she's studying at school or what she does for a living then find a science fiction show close to that theme and make her watch it. If you really want to reel her in, find a specific episode that you think she will respond to. If she has a favorite actor, show her episodes of her favorite actor in a scifi show. Take Michael Ironside, he's on Desperate Housewives now. Show her Smallville, Outer Limits or the "V" TV show. If she wanted to be a princess growing up, tell her about Queen Amidala. If she likes strong female figures, tell her about Starbuck. If she's a utopian hippie, tell her about Captain Picard. If she likes bad boys, tell her about Firefly. If she has foreign relatives, show her Babylon 5. If she's ever been the "new girl", Alien Nation. If she likes fashion, tell her how Aeon Flux's costumes were featured in the October issue of InStyle magazine. If she has a relative in the military, try Battlestar Galactica. Try Battlestar Galactica anyway if she likes chick flicks because this one will make her cry.
DO NOT overwhelm her with details and statistics. DO NOT show her your collection of anything. DO NOT be pushy.
You know, a lot of females out there just don’t ‘get’ Sci-Fi. When I tell them I love Firefly or Star Trek or Star Wars, they tend to look at me as if I suddenly have antennae growing out of my head. Obviously, part of it is simply a case of us not understanding one another. My idea of a good time is watching Serenity with a group of fellow Browncoats, and then spending hours at the nearby Applebee’s talking about it.
Third, you can't be boring. Watching Firefly then going to Applebee's and talking about it would bore anyone after awhile. Watching Firefly = eye candy, blowing stuff up, space ships, traveling to new and exotic places. Talking about Firefly at Applebee's = no eye candy, no boom, mostly likely a late model standard that doesn't go over 65 and nothing exotic. Don't threaten to take your girl to Applebee's dude. You won't get her. You won't keep her.
If she likes to go out. Schedule a SciFriday Party with interesting people. If Applebee's has a TV, do it there. Does Applebee's have alcohol.? Try a bar, try a friends house where she feels comfortable. I'd also like to take this time to tell you that it would be a bad idea to where that "Joss Whedon is my Master Now" t-shirt. As a matter of fact don't where a t-shirt at all. Take a shower. Brush your teeth. Use mouthwash and deodorant. What about that comb?

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