Monday, January 30, 2006

Smallville: Why won't Lana die?

Last week marked the 100th episode of Smallville. The episode was especially beautiful and stylized. It was a joy to look at but it wasn't enough to make up for the train wreck of decisions made by the writers. They went too far this time. So far in fact that it almost motivated me to start a "Kill Lana Lang" campaign.


This was THE episode where Clark told Lana that he had super powers. She took it ok. It got piled on thicker when he asked her to marry him. She said yes. There was so much sweetness in this episode that my teeth were hurting. I mean, even Mr. Daddy Kent won the election for Senator. This meant that Lex Luthor lost and he had to call Lana and Lana had to go running to his mansion and he had to pitch a drunk fit and he had to see the engagement ring and he had to get rowdy and she had to leave in a rush and he had to chase after him in his car AND there had to be car accident.

Lana Lang finally bit the bullet! She got ran down by a school bus.
I stood in cheer because I thought FINALLY! the torture of Clark Kent is over. This guy has been teased by this wraith of a woman for FIVE YEARS! He is finally free! But no, it was too good to be true. He had to go to his Clark Cave. This time there was no flying around the earth backwards to turn back time. This time he simply held a crystal and was thrust back into time. He was warned that if he saved her life, that someone else would have to die. This bastard did not care, all he wanted to do was save his unattainable doll.
So predictably at the point when Lana was to bite it, Clark saves her life.

Guess who got to die? HIS OWN FATHER! He deserves all the pain he gets. The writers deserve for the show to be cancelled. Yes, I know that his father died in the comic books but they changed everything for this incarnation of Superman, why couldn't they keep daddy?

That pretty much did it for me with Smallville. It's going to take something spectacular to make me watch again. The high level of horse shit that was this episode pretty much killed the entire show for me.

Here is an awesome article explaining I hate the Lana character so much. It's not because I'm jealous, I like the actual actress.
The Fetishization of Lana Lang
Why is the fetishism of this character so despised by so many people?

So far, Lana is not seen as someone who helps Clark in his journey towards becoming a superhero but a barrier, an obstacle. People who don't want to see Clark's transformation into a superhero as strictly a tragedy rather resent Lana for making it seem as if he really regrets becoming Superman and would throw it all away strictly for her, especially if they don't see why Clark finds her so worthy. Clark's fetishism of Lana is something that a large number of viewers do not understand and the tone of his "devotion" often takes on creepy overtones...

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Clark's obsession with the girl is more than a little creepy, and that he was willing to sacrifice anyone else to be with her is troubling, vis-a-vis his development into the Big Blue Boy Scout.

That being said... time travel? Unless it involves jumping through a giant doughnut, I call foul!