Sunday, January 08, 2006

Comcast's SciFi Month

Sci-fi on demand all month
If you're a sci-fi geek who happens to be a Comcast subscriber, January is your month.

The east metro's primary cable-television provider is collecting an obscene amount of science fiction programming for convenient on-demand viewing.

Offerings range from "Star Trek" movies and TV episodes to other top flicks and programs, such as the legendary "Firefly," along with sci-fi-themed documentaries and the like. Much of this is free to digital subscribers. Some of it - including theatrical releases such as "War of the Worlds" - costs extra.

For details, go to and search for "Sci-Fi Month." For an online directory of the sci-fi offerings, go to To get at the shows, click channel one or "On Demand" on your Comcast remote.

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