Thursday, August 04, 2005

It's not too late to "Save The Aliens"

Please help the victims of the vile, heavy- handed tactics of the Vogon Constructor Fleet. Help the victims that have lost their planets due to the interstellar bypass. There are little green children that need your help.

Click the link to pledge today! SciFi Ranter Girl's Blog-a-thon Campaign Page. All it takes is a minimum of $5. I don't see the money, you give straight to the charity.

Remember, this Saturday I'll be blogging for 24 hours straight to benefit The Planetary Society.

You're pledging will motivate me to stay the course.

Remember I'm doing the SciFi Ranter Girl's Science Fiction Show Countdown.
I'm counting down to the 24 most influential TV Shows in Science Fiction. How have these shows influenced popular culture and technology? Just to make it interesting Star Trek is excluded. You better believe that I'll be pulling some obscure trivia out of my hat too.

I'm also going to be catching up on podcasts for Slice of SciFi, M&E Wingin' It, Dragon Page C2C and Earthcore.

... please, for the little green children.

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