Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Darkside of Technology

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Four Commit Suicide in Australia Child Porn Case

As a little girl I used to enjoy watching re-runs of the Jetsons. I enjoyed the idea of "the future". I wanted a robot, a flying car and a visaphone. In my opinion, the Internet brought us closer to that. We have robot dogs. We can simulate a visaphone with a webcam. In that romantic view of the future, spam, cybercrime, child pornography and even Jetson's themed pornography is non- existent. Technology made these crimes more accessible and more anonymous. I'm pretty open- minded about a lot of things but I can't understand child pornography or molestation.

Four Australian men have committed suicide after being caught up in an investigation into child Internet pornography that has resulted in more than 200 arrested and charged for 2,000 offences, police said on Saturday.

Justice Minister Chris Ellison said 700 Australians were now under investigation in the country's biggest child pornography crackdown and up to 500 people could eventually be arrested.

The Australian child Internet pornography crackdown stems from a U.S. investigation in February that produced 95,000 child pornography leads worldwide, say Australian police.


There is an unlimited supply of regular adult porn. Adults doing numerous amounts of kinky things. There are so many types of porn that I don't see how anyone could be bored enough to have a "thing" for children. How is this such a wide spread issue that 500 people are involved? I understand that this article could be inaccurate and sensationalized. Even if the figures are exaggerated, there is still a problem here. I know next to nothing about psychology but is this a disease of the mind?
How can child pornography be so popular? Because it's illegal and looked down upon by "normal", "vanilla" people? Has rebellion against the norm become this desperate? Can control or corruption of the innocent be this arousing?

Am I judgmental or harsh when I say that I think those were sick bastards and taking there own lives was the best thing that they could have done for their victims? What about their families? I don't have that answer, nor do I know what is like to lose a loved one under these circumstances.
I have been around victims of such crimes. These people have problems for the rest of their lives. They are miserable.
The four men, one in Western Australia state, two in Victoria state and one in Queensland state, killed themselves after being interviewed by police.
Two had been charged with pornography offences.
Police launched Australia's biggest child pornography crackdown Thursday, raiding 400 premises and arresting hundreds, including police, teachers, clergy and a child-care center owner.
Those arrested in Operation Auxin face offences ranging from sexual abuse, to downloading and distributing pornographic images to child sex tourism.

Child sex tourism?
Downloading and distributing pornographic images?
I'm not trying to be self- righteous because I don't have the most acceptable sexual tastes but children?

This is something that I'll never understand.

Will children be stalked on their visaphone? Will children be kidnapped by sexual predators in flying cars?

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