Sunday, October 03, 2004

Speaking of Michael Ironside... V!

[Listening to: Earth Final Conflict - 5x21 - The Journey - - (40:57)]

Cerebral Flotsam and Jetsam: The Bursting of Childhood Bubbles
"V", and "V: The Final Battle" also fall into this category. For anyone who is not familiar with them, they were television mini-series that came out in the 80's about aliens coming to earth disguised as human looking peaceful types, but turn out to be reptilian human-eating types. I was totally enthralled by these series when they came out. I even read the books, which I quite liked. However, now that they're both out on DVD I have found my childlike salivating enthusiasm to immediately buy them preempted by a hint of hesitation and uncertainty.

This is SO me! (just without the buying of books)

I have fond memories of V as a child. It's probably one of the main reasons why I like science fiction shows so much.

Let me tell you one thing that is for certain. V: The Series SUCKED! I had to see every episode though. Every episode was Diana strutting around with her big hair plotting in her ship to control/destroy humans. Every episode you were GUARANTEED to see someone eating a rat. (I saw some V-like rat eating on Enterprise last season) In fact, the last season of Earth: Final Conflict was very much like V. I was done with V when Diana and Lydia had a girl fight. The star child bit was nerve wrecking as well.

Mini-Series GOOD

TV Series BAD

Now there is V: The Second Generation. It's in "pre production". The IMDB site says that Robert Englund signed on!!! But no Michael Ironside???!!?!!? He has to do it.

The lastest news that I can find is 'V' Update Gets Shelved from the SyFy Portal.

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