Tuesday, August 03, 2004

MediasharX :: Farscape Ad/Spomsor Campaign

MediasharX :: Emotional Resonance & Rocket Launchers: SciFi Channel: Helping An Old Friend Get Back On Its Feet

Quoted from article...
But if we fans want that future to arrive, we have to hustle and make THE PEACEKEEPER WARS a financial success for SciFi Channel and its advertisers.

Obviously, the first thing to do is to actually watch the miniseries when it airs on Oct. 17 and 18. Also, get your friends to watch.

More than that, though, we have to reach the companies that sponsor the miniseries. When it comes on, pay attention to those companies that buy ad time. Find some products advertised on THE PEACEKEEPER WARS that you would realistically buy and go out and actually buy them.

No one’s expecting you to go out and buy a new car just to support an advertiser. But chances are that there’ll be something that gets advertised on the miniseries that you could buy: underarm roll-on, soda pop, whatever.

Go ahead and buy it -- and this is important -- remember to save the receipt.

Write a letter to the advertiser thanking them for sponsoring THE PEACEKEEPER WARS. Tell them you bought their product over competitors’ products specifically because they sponsored the show. Include a copy of that receipt to prove it.

While you’re at it, send a copy of that letter and the receipt to the SciFi Channel. Tell Bonnie Hammer that if her network orders more FARSCAPE productions, you will continue to do as you’ve just proven you’ve done -- actually buy the products advertised on FARSCAPE, producing a tangible return-on-investment both to the network and the advertisers.

Sure, going through all that’s a bit of work. But for keeping FARSCAPE -- or your other favorite show, for that matter -- on the air, isn’t it worth it?

I"m all over this. THIS is a good idea. I'll be spamming all of my groups, well not really but letting folks know that we want the show to air. As a matter of fact. I'll be asking my friends if they ever buy any of the products advertised, ask them for their receipts and send a letter in their name. All I need is a list of sponsors. I may have to ask SaveFarscape.com to stary a campaign like this. (If they haven't thought of it first)

This will go WAY beyond petitions and media stunts. This is actual proof to advertisers that the show is being watched.

Farscape is the only show that I've actually sent in post cards in a campaign to save the show. Not Buffy or Angel or Enterprise or Firefly or... well... I signed the petition for Make A Deep Space Nine movie.

Farscape had such a different feel. It was free, it was... ok, I've been thru this on earlier blogs.

I'm writing SaveFarscape.com NOW!!!!!


scifirantergirl said...

I did write savefarscape.com about my idea.

Me: Let's make this thing it's round, can roll and can make things easier to transport. It'll be great!

Them: Thanks, you after-the-fact slacker. We've invented this already. It's called the wheel.

Anonymous said...

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