Saturday, December 17, 2005

We All Use Math Everyday!

We use math the most on Fridays at 10pm EST while watching Numb3rs. If you haven't seen this show Summer from Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas summed it up best by describing it as an FBI Math show. Sounds underwhelming but it's really a good show. It's a CSI type show with math as the gimmick. Whether it's new math or old math beats the hell out of me. I thought that if I watched the show that I'd learn by osmosis. Not so, I retain nothing. Most of it goes over my head but they always give a simple explanation for those of use who attended public school.

Even with the technobabble and chalk board scrawling, it's an interesting, watchable and fun show. We know the star math geek, David Krumholtz, as Mr. Universe from Serenity. Judd Hirsch plays the dad and he often grounds his son's theories and gives him a real world perspective. I love his character. In the first season, Sabrina Lloyd, Wade from Sliders, was the main chick on the show. She was replaced by Diane Farr. Her nasally, snarly voice sounds like nails on a chalk board. I'm not fond of her as a character.

Another thing...
The open theme music starts off with a cheerful "We all use math everyday!". It cracks me up every week. It makes me feel like I'm watching Sesame Street or the Electric Company for adults.

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