Friday, October 28, 2005

George Takei is Gay

So... what?

For the record, I'm not gay but I can't believe people are still ashamed of being gay. I can't believe that people still have to hide. What's upsets me about this announcement is that people's sexually orientation is still not their own business. There shouldn't have to be an announcement.

I understand that for him and knowing his background that this is a big deal. I'm glad he was bold enough to announce this especially in the current political atmosphere but someone telling me that they are gay just doesn't get a rise out of me. It doesn't make me feel weird. It's kinda TMI IMO.

On another note-
Announcing he's gay implies that he's still having sex. If he's still able to get it up at 68, I think he should be able to put it where he wants to. :)

Actor George Takei, Mr. Sulu of 'Star Trek' TV Fame, Announces Homosexuality in L.A. Magazine

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