Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Human Daleks Are Far From Cute

You know.....
I'm a pretty open- minded girl when it comes to my perspective on attractiveness. I think Klingons are hot. I'd cuddle with a Wookie. I'd even try to figure out exactly which techniques Data is programmed with.

I have to draw the line at the newly revealed Human Dalek. Can we say YUCK.

.... YUCK!!!!

Daleks in Manhattan was a great episode. In this episode we go back in time to 1930's New York smack dab in the middle of the depression. People are disappearing. Pig faced things are running around kidnapping them. We find out the Daleks are responsible for that and for building the Empire State Building. That's hilarious!

This episode had the right level of suspense and I'm going to cut this short and say I can't wait to watch the next episode. Getting ready to hop on a flight to Cardiff.....


MA said...

Obviously, the Daleks don't plan to reproduce sexually. Don't think it will get any play with a face like that!

scifirantergirl said...