Thursday, May 24, 2007

They Threaten Us With He-Man Almost as Much as The X-Files Movie

...and then they take it a step further and threaten us with Brad Pitt as He-Man. I think I laughed at this story for about 30 mintes.

Reports: He-Man, Hollywood Give It Another Shot
Will He-Man finally have the power?

The cartoon land strongman with the weak movie track record is angling for another crack at the big screen, according to reports in the Hollywood trade papers.

Warner Bros. and Joel Silver, the brand-name producer whose credits include The Matrix franchise, Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, are in talks with He-Man's overlords at toy-giant Mattel, Variety and the Hollywood Reporter said.

As proposed, the papers said, the He-Man movie will be produced by Silver, and written by Justin Marks, who may as well have prepped for the assignment by penning the upcoming Voltron, another based-on-a-cartoon-series project.

Rumors that Brad Pitt would play the titular blond hulk are just rumors—denied rumors. "The lead role has not yet been cast," Variety said.

And according to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie itself is yet to be set in stone. The paper described a done deal as being "potentially months away."


Henry Kissinger said...

Just goes to show that the SciFi industry will leave no stone unturned. But God how I love them for at least trying.

scifirantergirl said...

The fact is that they unturn the stones half assed. If you're going to even bother with the stone, pick it up with purpose, don't play with it like a simp.

.... in other words....
Do it right or don't do it at all.

Brad Pitt.... *rolls eyes*