Sunday, September 26, 2004

Closet Star Wars Fanboy Perspective

SFSignal: Star Wars DVD: A Non-Fanboy Perspective

Claims not to be a fanboy but posts this on a sci-fi blog. Riiighhttt!!! Non- Fanboy my Jedi :)

Not that I got the Star Wars DVDs the first day they came out or anything, but I just got a chance tonight to watch Episode IV. It's been quite a while since I saw Episode IV. I first saw it in waaaay back '77 at a drive-in (for those who are too young to know what a Drive-in is, it's the same thing as a single-screen, outdoor multiplex). I saw pieces of it again when it played on the tube (I think I skipped the video release). I took my own kids to see the 20th anniversary "A New Hope" remix back in '97 and that was the 2nd and last time I saw it from start to finish. Until tonight. The last thing the world needs is another Star Wars review, so here are my brief first impressions.

See what else this non- fanboy has to say.

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