Monday, September 06, 2004

Terminating terror and girlie men

I know I'm late in commenting on this. At first I didn't know how to relate the "girlie men" comment into a blog about science fiction but then I found out big Arnold said that Bush could terminate terror.

The "girlie men" comment:
C'Mon, that's hilarious! I think my first reaction to this was laughter. Every time I think of it, laughter.
I heard that some gay rights activists (GRA) were upset. I don't think that this was an attack on anyone's sexuality. I don't think that Arnold is a homophobe. But then again, I don't know the man. I can honestly say that I'd never thought I'd see the day when he'd run for any office but I watch science fiction and few things still surprise me.
I know that the remark may have been insensitive especially coming from the Grand 'ole Party and some people don't watch every episode of Saturday Night Live. A lot of people probably just didn't get it. Not everyone watches every episode of Saturday Night Live enough to remember quotes. The "Girlie Men" phrase may be popular but not everyone knows enough about it to know that Arnold was actually making a joke about someone making fun of him. From the looks of it, that whole night was a bad attempt at a comedy routine.

Let me re-phrase a quote of mine from an earlier entry.
Politicians are people who are too ugly to be musicians.

New quote:
Politicians are people who are too lame to be any type of entertainer.
... And entertainers should stay out of politics.

I know this is a bad attitude but I only keep it to maintain sanity. Now let me get off of politics before I get myself into trouble.

As far as Bush terminating terror......
Let's just say that I'm a conspiracy nut at heart. I saw the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen that came out 6 months before September 11th. I trust no one :)

TV Guide Article:
The Sept. 11 Parallel "Nobody Noticed"

Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel
Gunmen Foreshadowed 9/11

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