Tuesday, September 28, 2004

In the fourth year, he flies

Michael Whitt's Blog : Season Premiere of Smallville and Series Premiere of Lost

I just got around to watching the season premiere of Smallville. I caught season 3 finale a few months back. Even though I didn't keep up with the show, it was enough to make me look forward to the season 4 premiere. Boy was I in for a treat!! Not only did I get to see a mostly naked Clark Kent, Margott Kidder made an appearance and Superman finally flew.

According to Micheal Whitt's blog, the writers of Smallville made a rule that Clark wouldn't fly. These guys smoke way too much crack and need to stop. Now they are playing the semantic game of "Clark doesn't fly, Tyler Durden err... Ka-El flies". Whatever.

We meet the new and overtly annoying Lois Lane. WTF with Lana? Is she gonna be Supergirl or something? Would be cool.

Another thing that bothered me: I tried to watch Smallville from the beginning when it first aired. I kinda recall Lex and Clark not being friends. When I watched the season 3 finale, Clark discovered that Lex was keeping tabs on him. Clark said that this ended their friendship. I must've missed a lot because when and how did these two become friends? ::sigh:: Yet another show I'll have to catch up on.

I think the writers did a good job though. The show was watchable even if you've never seen it. It was very good.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree that they are on drugs. I loved the Tyder Durden reference by the way. I think Smallville's biggest problems is the fact that there is only so much stuff you can do with Clark just running around fast and being super strong. People want to see him fly. He is Superman afterall. At this point he is little more than a super strong Flash. Sure the X-Ray vision and Heat vision are neat, but we want to see him fly.

Lana has always been another sore point with me in regards to the show. I guess the writers must really think she is cute, but to me she got old after season 1.

Lex and Clark have a lot of tension. Sometimes you would almost think they are secret lovers with the way they glare at each other. My biggest problem with Clark and Lex being such friends is the age difference. Just my rants and raves for the moment. Love your blog by the way.