Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Richard Hatch Plays Nice

My "friend" managed to "procure" copies of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. I believe that it's playing some where in the UK or Canada first and premiering in the US at the beginning of 2005.


If you don't know already, Richard Hatch agreed to appear on the new BG after months of trash talking the show and it's re-imagined form. I was at a con and heard some of his angry speeches first-hand. You'd think it was a cause for human- rights or animals or something. First, he was trying to bring the show back. The show was revivied and then he protested how it was being brought back. Although I'd never seen the original BG, I sympathized but still wanted to see the new show. I liked the mini-series. Eventually, so did Richard Hatch. He got over everything and even agreed to make a special appearance.
(Understand that I'm TOTALLY nutshelling this!)


His appearance comes as early as the second episode. Ironically, he is a freedom fighter who was emprisoned for terrorist acts (sort of like Timothy McVeigh). His character is a prisoner fighting against slave labor and government abuse of "the articles". He and his supporters overtook the prison ship and held some officers hostage. Turns out that he had a deathwish and never intended to negotiate. He wanted to get the troops to initiate a bloodbath so he, the forgotten freedom fighter in jail for 20 years, could go out in a blaze of glory.
An ironically written story don't you think?

The first episode was rather depressing but the story gets less depressing with each episode so far. The Cylons annoy me epsecially "the blonde". In my opinion, the execs didn't have to pull "The 7 of 9 Manuever". The only saving grace is that the actress is actually talented. (Oh don't give me the "That's why they hired her crap")
It also seems that people who are Cylon agents also can exert some free will. Or can they? ::campy music::
And yes, Tigh and Starbuck are still fighting.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there sci-fi- lover here in the UK am watching the new BG and its fantastic .. having watched the original BG when I was younger I must say that new version is just as good maybe even better .. and yes that blonde cylon can be annoying...lol... xx