Monday, November 08, 2004

You too can fight the Gou'ald

....on your mobile phone waiting in line at the post office.
Sky Zone Mobile has released an Stargate: SG1 Mobile Phone Game.

  • Play as Col. Jack O'Neill, leading the SG-1 Team

  • Major-character Interactions, including Teal'c, Sam, Daniel, Gen. Hammond and more

  • Four Exciting, Story-based Missions:

  • - "Derelict"
    - "Malfunction"
    - "Paradise Lost"
    - "Aten's Curse"
  • Stunning Graphics, Rich Sound Effects and Unique Settings

  • Multiple Levels of Difficulty

  • What sucks is that you have to have Verizon Wireless, Alltel, US Cellular or Metro PCS. Yet another reason why Sprint sucks.

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