Thursday, November 04, 2004

LOST in Purgatory

This week, I'm convinced that they are in purgatory.
Charlie's story made me lean towards that.


Why would someone hit Sayid over the head? My bet is that it was Sawyer. There's a lot of "modern man love" chemistry between these two. Sawyer wants to be a good guy. Kate is treating him unfairly BUT he did chose to remain an arsehole when he delayed in tell her the cave news. Kate should be the last person to prejudge someone. I'm sure as soon as everyone finds out about her past that everything will change.

Next week, looks like Sawyer and Sayid gets as intimate as two men can get, THEY FIGHT! I imagine the fight in my head with the music that plays every time Kirk gets into a fight.
(Amok Time Fight Music wav file)

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