Thursday, November 18, 2004

Battlestar Galactica Producers ask U.S. fans to stop downloading episodes

The Great Link reports that Battlestar Galactica Producers ask U.S. fans to stop downloading episodes.

A letter from Ronald D. Moore & David Eick, Executive Producers of Battlestar Galactica, is online at the SciFi.Com forums. Ron and David comment on the possibility that Internet downloading of Galactica episodes already shown in the UK (via Sky One), may end-up damaging the stateside ratings of the show when it eventually airs on the Sci-Fi Channel:

"...we're flattered and happy that you're so excited to see the new season of Battlestar Galactica and appreciate the support. However, beyond the fact that getting episodes over the internet is illegal it's also potentially very damaging to the show itself. You see, we need RATINGS which means we need eyeballs in front of TV screens that advertisers can measure. The more episodes get downloaded and digitally copied and passed along and copied again and passed along and copied yet again and passed along yet again, it creates a dangerous situation where a lot of people are watching and enjoying Galactica, but not seeing it when it counts -- namely on the air."

"Please understand that in order to get picked up for a second season, we need good ratings in January, not silent, uncounted viewing in November."

I'm just reporting the news.

I wonder why they decided to release this show in this manner. They should have predicted this. They should probably coordinate the episodes in the US and the UK.

Everyone behave for the sake of the show.

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