Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Lord Vader called me this morning...

...after a night of good love- making. He said he'd call and he did. He's so sweet. I'm in love.

...and then I woke up.

SFSignal is at it again with the quirky news. Wake Up with Lord Vader

But Lord Vader really did call and though it makes me jealous, you can get him to call you too. Target has a bizarre campaign where you can get a wake up call from celebrities like Ice T, Cheech and Lord Vader. Apparently, you can also get a wake up call from a crying baby, a woman with a cat and a chicken. Quaint.

I didn't really get the wake up call. I don't want my phone number to end up in the hands of some telemarketer. This is very lowdown and desperate of Target. They say they won't give out your number but it always happens somehow. No thanks.

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