Monday, November 01, 2004

Astronaut To Cast Vote From Space

Astronaut To Cast Vote From Space

If this year's elections are as close as in 2000, don't blame astronaut Leroy Chiao. He'll have done his part. According to MSNBC, NASA has made arrangements so he can cast his ballot in the presidential election from 225 miles up.

I love stories like these. I wonder who he's voting for?

I wondered what was going on with the good old International Space Station.
They are on Expedition 10.
...conducted a session with the Binary Colloid Alloy Test 3, which is studying the long-term behavior of colloids -- a system of fine particles suspended in a fluid -- in a microgravity environment, where the effects of sedimentation and convection are removed. Crewmembers will even out the samples, photograph the growth and formations of the colloids, and downlink the images for analysis...


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