Saturday, November 13, 2004

and the Big Balls Award goes to Captain Archer

The Augments let a virus loose in science facility that will be airborne in a few minutes. Archer goes to some operational shaft tube thingy to seal the area so that the others won't be infected. He doesn't have enough time to get back to the area or seal himself off. He asks T'Pol to shoot off a portion of the shaft where he was located so that he could be vented into space and then transported to the Enterprise!!!
That's almost as crazy as Janeway letting herself get assimilated by the Borg.
Crazier than Sisko jumping off of the side of a cliff in a cave with Dukat to be with The Prophets.

Some people were dissappointed with the ending of The Augment story line. I thought it was refreshing and my favorite part was when Malic came crawling from behind the captain's seat like Khan. I enjoyed that. That was great! I enjoyed Brent Spiner.

As bad ass as The Archer Manuever was.... Scott... Um.... What the hell was that scene where you were talking to the Klingon via the translator? Watching that scene was like getting teeth pulled. Scott has definitely taken a course in the Shatner School of Acting recently. That scene was bad. I felt tired after watching that.
That's just nitpicking though.

I'm going to say that The Augment Storyline was a success. Good job. That Manny may get to keep his job for awhile! :D

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