Saturday, November 13, 2004

Dr. Quinn: Smallville Woman

Spoilerish Is Jane Seymour One Bad Mother on 'Smallville'?

"I've been taking some things recently," she says, "that are quite different from what I'm known for doing. Not that I wasn't known for doing these things before 'Dr. Quinn' -- I've been playing these evil vamps for many, many years -- but with selective memory on the part of the networks, they've forgotten that I did that."

Starting with the episode "Bound," Seymour plays Genevieve Teague, the mysterious mother of Jason (Jensen Ackles), the boyfriend that Lana (Kristin Kreuk) met while in Paris. Also in Paris, Lana had a bizarre experience in an old tomb that led to a mysterious tattoo appearing on her back. In "Bound," a vivid flashback to the incident leads Lana to believe that Genevieve and the tattoo are somehow connected. But is Genevieve friend or foe?

"It's a really good question," Seymour says. "When I arrived, I was led to believe that I was pretty evil. Then they said that I wasn't necessarily that evil, but I could be. And so, I played it that way, because of course, evil people believe they're absolutely right in their choices, and they're not evil at all. So when you play someone evil, you play them the same way as when you play somebody good, because as far as you're concerned, you're doing this for the right motives.

Uh oh!
Like... she's a serious actress. Is someone taking Smallville seriously. Kinda cool! Oh the other hand, we have to listen to Lana whine and do that weird thing she does with her face. ::rolls eyes::

I wonder if she's going to have a good old traditional Smallville shower scene. :|

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