Saturday, November 20, 2004

Quantum Astronomy is Sexy

That's coming from a woman who also told a guy it was sexy that he worked in a lab.

I was drunk of course. Then I went on to do some embarrassing Kirk impression. If a girl could be seen as striking out and totally bombing.... yeah....
Maybe the guy thought I was hot because I thought he and his lab was hot. Maybe his friends thought I was his soul mate. But maybe you had to be there but if you were....[insert Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle here]

This week, and SETI discuss the The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. (Hence my really BAD attempt at the maybe session above. True story though.) It is actually the second article in a steamy and erotic four part series about the ever so hot Quantum Astrology.
This is a series of four articles each with a separate explanation of different quantum phenomena. Each of the four articles is a piece of a mosaic and so every one is needed to understand the final explanation of the quantum astronomy experiment we propose, possibly using the Allen Array Telescope and the narrow-band radio-wave detectors being build by the SETI Institute and the University of California, Berkeley.

The first article, The Double Slit Experiment, is not the name of a new porn movie but is a bunch of technobabble that made me reach for my nail file, twirl my hair and spew our most stunning national catchphrase "Duh". I was relieved to see that they understood the American Laziness Principle and made a movie about it. It is called What the &$@# Do We Know?. You can find out more about this film at the official website
Doesn't look as compelling as the Wormhole Technology of our scientist hero John Crichton but is probably more accurate and worth a see. (yes they wrote the guy as a scientist, scary!)

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