Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Blondes and breasts don't always save the day

SyFy Portal: Are Breasts Enough To Save 'Tru Calling'?
This is a rather amusingly cute article about Eliza Dushku's breasts and how they aren't going to save her show. She should proably dye her hair blonde and wear a catsuit.

Well, so much for the power of the boobs. Fox may end up cancelling "Tru Calling" after all.

My fiancee has this theory about the "power of the boobs," in which an ample chest will make things happen for a well-endowed woman. And that has to have been the operative principle behind Fox's initial decision last spring to renew Eliza Dushku's supernatural series while giving the axe to so many other worthy genre shows.

Why else other than Dushku's considerable, er, charms, would Fox pick up her “Tru Calling” for a second season, while cancelling its other promising science-fiction series? “Firefly” and “Wonderfalls,” for instance, generated ratings comparable to “Tru” -- which is to say ratings that were middling, not great, but not truly horrible, either.

I've never caught the show. It just didn't interest me. I don't recall ever seeing any commercials for it either. Maybe something better will happen for her.

Speakin of blondes and breasts...
I actually enjoyed the latest episode of Andromeda, When Comes Around... It had new stuff as well as a really good story about how The Commonwealth ties into this Seefra planet that they are on. It actually made me want to watch next week. I'm sure I'll be sorry but hope has no memory.

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