Monday, December 20, 2004

A Quickie...

The holidays gave me a social life that I didn't want. It's not really a social life as much as it is social obligations. I'm a hostage of the holidays. I can't wait to slit the throat of 2004.

There are a lot of movies and shows I caught but didn't have the time to comment on.

The Librarian:
Loved it. Thought it was very cute. Hope it was a pilot. Can't wait for more. Noah Wyle is very good at making "nerds" charming.... hot even. I'm still impressed at his portrayal of Steve Jobs in Pirates of Silicon Valley. He made me feel like Steve was the type of guy I'd hang out with. We're not going to get into how Anthony Michael Hall made Bill Gates sexy in my mind. That's another story all together.
Kyle MacLachlan was the bad guy in this movie. I really want to see him play the bad ass hero like in Twin Peaks.

Blade Trinity:
Girlie Squeals go out to Wesley Snipes and Ryan Reynolds. Ewwws goes out to Dominic Purcell. He was hot but he was just too lame of a Big Bad. It was good to see Michael Rawlins. I remember him from a guest appearance on Earth Final Conflict.
If there is another Blade movie, I want to put in my bet now that Kris Kristofferson will be resurrected. He dies, he lives, he dies, he lives. If not living, he will at least be a flashback.

Enterprise- The Vulcan Arc:
Captain Archer was impressed me with being the first human to do a Vulcan neck pinch. ?
He did something else that I liked but the whole arc was rather blah. Not as blah as the previous 3 seasons but just blah in comparison to the Augment arc. Manny, get it together man. You gotta make up for 3 seasons of suck. Don't start going limp on me yet.

My personal B5 marathon:
Now that it is over, it feels like I'm missing something. That show was phenomenal. I'd seen more of it than I thought during the first run but I did miss key episodes. I'm glad to hear that J. Michael Straczynski is making something new.

Speaking of rumors...
The best news this season is that Ben Browder is joining Stargate. It's like the best news in science fiction TV in a long time. And to top it off SciFriday on The Sci-Fi Channel is going to be as good as it was when Stargate and Farscape was on the same night!
It feels like we, the fans, had a direct effect on him getting that role. It feels like for once, the little people swayed the hands of the big, faceless corporation.
Congrats Big Ben you sexy beast.

I'm actually jonesing for it.
I had been feeling like something was missing for the last week or so. I was shocked when I realized I missed the show. Smells like a Smallville marathon is due.

Battlestar Galactica:
As if "they" didn't realize that people were going to download it. They should fire the think tank leeches and not take it out on the enthusiastic fans. < OR > The fans are being used to make a big controversy about downloading the show. The show will get some press but so will the lawsuit sharks. There's a fine line between publicity and boycott. Don't get on the bad side of obsessive fans. BSG is good but may not be good enough to survive too much bad press, complaints about character changes and if big boy Hatch gets going again.... whew!
Well..... I can't say that.... Enterprise survived. :D

It's been a loooong time....

I can touch the skyyyyyy.....


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